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Sep 7, 2009 04:44 AM

New to Downtown, also the Korean cart ca 1450 K St.

Grew up in NoVa, then lived in Texas and now back in NoVa, working downtown at 15th and K. Haven't ever spent much time downtown. So, what's good for lunch? I usually bring mine but I go out once a week or so and might occasionally splurge. Last week I enjoyed the Korean cart just up K Street; the bulgogi was just okay and the kimchee a little too salty and light on garlic for my taste but THE RICE was sooo good. And the dumplings too.

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  1. i am addicted to korea cart. you'll also want to check out the greek deli on 19th street between L and M — amazing avgolemno soup and homestyle greek food. Juice joint which is half a block away from korea cart, is good for something fresh, healthy and fast...i like the salmon stir fry. i would stay away from organic to has really gone downhill. at 12th and k is brasserie beck which is a must-visit on a day when you can take a long lunch.

    greetings from a native Texan! Take it from me — stay away from most of the tex-mex in the area. if you want a good taco, hit up taqueria el charrito caminante in clarendon.