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Sep 7, 2009 04:29 AM

Calling all Pies! Dessert or main dish what is your favorite?

Whether sweet or savory, I think we all love pie!

Lemon Sponge Pie is my all time favorite dessert pie. I always add cream cheese to give an extra burst of flavor. For a tasty and easy main dish I love beef n' green bean pie made with refrigerator crescent dough. What is your fav?

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  1. For a dessert pie, I'd have to say rhubarb, with just the right balance between pucker and sweet, made by a pie-maker who really know their crust. I was lucky enough to grow up around aunts who worshiped rhubarb and truly excelled at pie-making. So rhubarb gets my vote.

    Savory? I do have an affection for individual pies like pasties and Jamaican patties and the like, but the savory pie that rises to the top would be a well executed bisteeya. It's the mixture of herbs and spices that really gets my attention - such a complex flavor. -Cay

    1. Homemade chocolate cream and pumpkin.

      1. Savory: Shepherd's Pie, made with ground beef or lamb.

        Sweet: My homemade apple pie - using chopped walnuts, brown sugar and dried sour cherries, and no cinnamon.

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          I so agree on the no cinnamon. Funny but I have noticed, since moving to the USA, that Americans love cinnamon and in my opinion it is an overused spice.

          Anyway an apple, gooseberry or rhubarb pie with wonerful pie crust.

          For a meat pie nothing beats a steak and mushroom in a dark gravy, pastry top and bottom.

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            Had a homemade peach pie at a small lunch spot yesterday - it had a great crust, but overwhelming cinnamon flavor. I think I'm just sensitive to the use of cinnamon because I'm still remembering the years when even a whiff of cinnamon in the air would trigger an allergic reaction. That's no longer a problem, but old habits die hard. My food allergies came on strong when I hit my mid-thirties and I had predicted I'd overdose on raisin cinnamon swirl toast when they finally faded away, but that wasn't the case. Now that I can safely eat it, I find that I simply don't care for cinnamon all that much.

        2. Savory without crust: Shepherd's Pie (with lamb, of course)
          Savory with crust: B'stilla
          Sweet: Lemon Meringue Pie

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            My list is a clone of yours, mcsheridan, with key lime pie tied with lemon meringue pie for Sweet. And shepherd's pie made with Indian spices is oh so good!!!

          2. For sweet, I'd have to say homemade banana cream pie. For savory, if quiche counts, it would be bacon, spinach and gruyere quiche. If quiche doesn't count, it would have to be chicken pot pie.