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Calling all Pies! Dessert or main dish what is your favorite?

Whether sweet or savory, I think we all love pie!

Lemon Sponge Pie is my all time favorite dessert pie. I always add cream cheese to give an extra burst of flavor. For a tasty and easy main dish I love beef n' green bean pie made with refrigerator crescent dough. What is your fav?

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  1. For a dessert pie, I'd have to say rhubarb, with just the right balance between pucker and sweet, made by a pie-maker who really know their crust. I was lucky enough to grow up around aunts who worshiped rhubarb and truly excelled at pie-making. So rhubarb gets my vote.

    Savory? I do have an affection for individual pies like pasties and Jamaican patties and the like, but the savory pie that rises to the top would be a well executed bisteeya. It's the mixture of herbs and spices that really gets my attention - such a complex flavor. -Cay

    1. Homemade chocolate cream and pumpkin.

      1. Savory: Shepherd's Pie, made with ground beef or lamb.

        Sweet: My homemade apple pie - using chopped walnuts, brown sugar and dried sour cherries, and no cinnamon.

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          I so agree on the no cinnamon. Funny but I have noticed, since moving to the USA, that Americans love cinnamon and in my opinion it is an overused spice.

          Anyway an apple, gooseberry or rhubarb pie with wonerful pie crust.

          For a meat pie nothing beats a steak and mushroom in a dark gravy, pastry top and bottom.

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            Had a homemade peach pie at a small lunch spot yesterday - it had a great crust, but overwhelming cinnamon flavor. I think I'm just sensitive to the use of cinnamon because I'm still remembering the years when even a whiff of cinnamon in the air would trigger an allergic reaction. That's no longer a problem, but old habits die hard. My food allergies came on strong when I hit my mid-thirties and I had predicted I'd overdose on raisin cinnamon swirl toast when they finally faded away, but that wasn't the case. Now that I can safely eat it, I find that I simply don't care for cinnamon all that much.

        2. Savory without crust: Shepherd's Pie (with lamb, of course)
          Savory with crust: B'stilla
          Sweet: Lemon Meringue Pie

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            My list is a clone of yours, mcsheridan, with key lime pie tied with lemon meringue pie for Sweet. And shepherd's pie made with Indian spices is oh so good!!!

          2. For sweet, I'd have to say homemade banana cream pie. For savory, if quiche counts, it would be bacon, spinach and gruyere quiche. If quiche doesn't count, it would have to be chicken pot pie.

            1. Savory Pumpkin Pie!

              1. Real Key Lime Pie

                Crawfish or Shrimp Pie

                1. Chicken pot pie. They used to have an excellent one at the courthouse cafeteria in Van Nuys. Long gone.

                  My fresh strawberry or peach, my pumpkin pie.

                  1. Sweet: My Carmel Pear Tartin with ginger.

                    Savory: My Bacon, Tomato and Cheese Pie

                    1. savory - shepherd's pie, or chicken pot pie

                      sweet - my crumb top apple pie, or husband's chocolate silk pie

                      1. Sweet
                        French Apple with a high ratio of brown sugar streusel to apples... high. Warm with melty vanilla ice cream
                        Boston Cream Pie -- does this really count? I always think of it as a cake...
                        Key Lime

                        Mushroom,Onion, and Gruyere
                        Chicken Pot Pie

                        1. Dessert pies come in three categories for me:
                          Nut pie: Pecan - my mom's recipe. More rich than sweet. No cornstarch or flour thickener but lots of fresh whipped cream on the side.
                          Fruit pie: Warm peach or blueberry pie with a lard crust and a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.
                          Chilled pie: Coconut cream

                          Savory pies:
                          Homemade chicken pot pie with a very flaky crust
                          Caramelized onion, cheese and bacon tart
                          Lobster pot pie (my fall project) with sherry


                          1. Sweet: Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze. Or strawberry rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream.

                            Savoury: Morrocan chicken pot pie (with chickpeas, raisins, and sweet potatoes for the hell of it).

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                              For sweet, I have to go with the Key Lime Pie - with meringue, not whipped cream as the topping. But my homemade apple pie is a close second.

                              For savory, I don't know as I have one, even after reading what others have written. But your Moroccan chicken pot pie sounds right up my alley! Have a recipe? LOL

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                                Sure do! I double the spices to what's listed, add some chickpeas and sweetpotatoes and a drizzle of honey.

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                                  Thanks for the link! I'm not a huge fan of cumin and olives, so I'd probably cut back on that. HOpefully without changing the taste too much. I do like the addition of chickpeas and sweet potatoes, tho.

                                  ETA: I see many modifications have been made by the reviewers, including leaving out the olives (or using capers) and adding additional spices.

                            2. my grandmother's mixed berry (Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries) or her straight up blueberry - usually baked for my birthday. :)

                              1. Savory: meat samosas, the spicier the better
                                Sweet: fresh raspberry
                                I prefer savory pastry-wrapped foods to sweet ones - am more of a cake girl tahn a pie girl when it comes to dessert.

                                1. Sweet: I divide into fruit and cream pies. For fruit, cherry or blueberry. For cream, a good, dense chocolate cream pie.

                                  Savory: The Italian Easter Pie/Pizza Rustica that is a tradition in my family. It contains at least two kinds of meat with lots of ricotta

                                  1. I hate fruit pies, but coconut cream pie? Amazing!

                                    I love samosas and patties, though those seem to be too far removed from pies to me. If I'm going to be orthodox I'm going to have confess a boundless love for good English pork pie.

                                    1. Sweet- Chocolate Cream Pie or Coconut cream pie from the Black Diamond Bakery, in Black Diamond Washington.
                                      Pecan Pie- For all other Pie occasions, including Birthday Pie

                                      For savory- A real Shepard's pie

                                      1. Sweet potato pie. Banana cream pie is a close runner-up.

                                        1. Kentucky derby pie. I think it's just pecan pie with chocolate and bourbon, but the combination is an inspired one. I googled the recipe for this once, and learned that some place trademarked the "Derby pie" name.

                                          Coconut or "buko" pie in the Philippines, made with fresh young coconut meat in a custardy base, is my all-time favorite pie filling. I don't like the pastry part of the pies though, so I just eat the filling.

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                                          1. re: amy_wong

                                            Derby Pie is the registered trademark of Kern's Kitchen

                                          2. Sweet = Butter Tarts .... NOT something that can be brought into my home.

                                            Savory = my sister makes a killer cheese and onion pie.

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                                              Sweet: Coconut cream, or mummy's apple pie with raisins and old cheddar

                                              Savoury: Tourtiere, or Cornish Pasty with beef and cheddar.

                                            2. pumpkin. can not wait for the upcoming season!

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                                                I made pumpkin pie a few nights ago, albeit a vegan one. So good.

                                              2. Steak and kidney.

                                                Shortcrust not puff pastry.

                                                1. Savory Pie: Hamburger Pie, Wild Mushroom Truffle Pie (Tart) and Seafood Pie

                                                  Sweet: Pecan pie or Brownie pie!...

                                                  Wow I haven't made my Brownie pie in so long I should do a pie weekend!

                                                  1. Chicken Pot...Crawfish ~~~~ Savory

                                                    Pecan, Buttermilk, and Coconut.~~~~~ Sweet

                                                    1. Marie Callender's fresh peach pie (seasonal)

                                                      savory? spaghetti pie or tomato pie

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                                                        Ohhhhh...this is painfully hard. Pie is my family's favorite. I guess here goes, in no particular order though usually eaten seasonally starting with Spring, but could eat anytime:

                                                        Lemon meringue, rhubarb w/o strawberries, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, apple, coconut cream, vanilla cream, pumpkin and banana cream.

                                                        Now on to savory: My mother's after Thanksgiving turkey pie which has turkey, stuffing, a little potato and a little gravy all within her sublime crust. She bakes two and freezes one. Then in sometime later she can pull it out, pop it in the oven and have supper in no time flat.

                                                      2. Savory: Scottish meat pies and shepherd's pie.

                                                        Sweet: Kentucky Derby Pie (yes, it's trademarked, but clones are easily made), apple crumble pie with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg (apple pie with the brown sugar/oats/cinnamon crumb topping instead of pastry for the top crust), key lime pie.

                                                        1. Lemon meringue pie is a good one. I need to start saving my recipes somewhere >__<

                                                          1. Sweet: Mincemeat or Pecan

                                                            Savory: Frito ;-)

                                                            Both: I encountered a peach pie with a bacon top a few weeks ago. I didnt think I'd like it, but by my third piece, I realised I had changed my mind .

                                                            1. I am sorry to see lemon meringue pie disappearing from the scene. Supermarket ones, whether frozen or not, are awful. I haven't seen one on a restaurant menu in years. That leaves lovely homemade, and they are labor-intensive and maybe a bit out of fashion. I wonder if quite a few children and young adults might not even recognize a lemon meringue pie.

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                                                                They are a bit of a pain (I don't have a mixer or anything, so hand beating the egg whites is a 15 minute PITA). But gosh, you can't beat homemade.
                                                                I've had friends say it's the best they've ever tasted!

                                                              2. Savory: Shepherd's Pie followed by a good turkey pot pie


                                                                Fruit: Key Lime

                                                                Other: Pumpkin

                                                                Cream: Coconut Cream

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                                                                  Love a Key Lime. And a Key Lime Cheesecake. i had an Amish neighbor that made a raisin cream that was heavenly.

                                                                2. I dearly love pecan pie, and I found a wonderful Key lime pie recipe earlier this year, now a family favorite, that uses lots of lime zest. In fruit, a tart (and I mean TART!) apple streusel top with a fair but not overwhelming amount of cinnamon,a hint of nutmeg, and a dash of allspice; that, or a yummy raspberry pie.

                                                                  As for savory - I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've only ever had a school cafeteria shepherd's pie (awful) and a store-bought frozen chicken pot pie (even worse.) That's one area I'm going to have to explore more in the next couple of years.

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                                                                    I'd bet that that school cafeteria shepherd's pie was ground beef, not lamb. Using ground beef makes it a cottage pie - nothing like a real shepherd's pie, which usually uses leftover lamb (you can finely chop the leftover lamb instead of ground lamb).


                                                                    1. re: LindaWhit

                                                                      Thanks for the link! I don't remember what the school version had in it (I was about 7 when I tried it) but I do remember it tasted like a soggy, glue-like mess. I was turned off of savory pies pretty early. However, having a couple of crummy savory pie experiences 25 years ago doesn't mean I can't find good options now!

                                                                      1. re: tonina_mdc

                                                                        I'd be VERY surprised if a school cafeteria used ground lamb vs. ground beef. But yes, what you had sounds like what I used to see in my high school cafeteria. "American Chop Suey" or Macaroni & Cheese on the week's menu meant I brought a sandwich.