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Sep 7, 2009 03:53 AM

AYCE Sushi in Vegas?

Hi, we are headed to Las Vegas this weekend and are looking for an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. We would much prefer to eat at one that is "to-order" as opposed to buffet-style. I had a local friend recommend Sushi on Tropicana but I have read conflicting reviews (e.g. they enforce a time limit?). We are staying on the East end of town but can travel anywhere reasonable. I did read some of the other similar posts but some of the comments are a couple of years old. Any thoughts on AYCE sushi in the "to-order" style? Thanks!!!

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  1. There are quite a few good ones with AYCE.. I can recommend Oyshi on S. Rainbow, Yami Sushi on E. Flamingo and Nozomi on W. Charleston but there are quite a few others that I haven't tried yet that I hear are very good. Most AYCE sushi deals are under $25 per person and most have some sort of time limit (like 2 hours) or rules (you must eat all of the rice). Not sure where on the East side you'll be, but I bet you'll find a few in the area once you get here, sushi is very popular in Vegas

    1. I have eaten at Sushi Hana for their AYCE the last couple trips to Vegas. Thought it was really good. Soft shell crab appetizer was awesome. Thanks kathyvegas for the other suggestions - always looking for new places. Yama sushi looks like it gets some great reviews, so might have to give that a try.

      1. Island Sushi is the best AYCE I have had in Vegas. They also include Hawaiian appetizers and dessert. Lunch is 21.95 and dinner is 24.95. Well worth every penny.

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          jaypeezy, the sushi menu at Island sushi looks very good. I assume the AYCE is a more limited menu. How extensive is the sushi choices with the AYCE?