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Sep 6, 2009 10:01 PM

Port Townsend Farmer's Market


Just completed my second trip to the Port Townsend Farmer's Market and have thoroughly enjoyed it both times. Great variety of incredibly fresh veggies, friendly people, live music and a bonus of walking the quaint shops after shopping. For more details (and pictures) check out my blog post at

Billy Bob

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  1. PT has a great, booming market--opened last weekend for the season! (may 2010)

    1. The market is apparently year-round. I was there mid-March 2011 and they had a great supply of meat and fish vendors and the usual vegetables you'd expect this time of year (potatoes, some kale, nettles)

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      1. re: Fatman

        Interested to know how you got to PT Farmers Market mid March as it opened for the season on April 2!

        1. re: andrewtree

          I think you're confusing the Port Townsend farmers' market with some other farmers' market, Fatman. There is one fish vendor there, but no meat vendors to my recollection. And, as andrewtree points out, it wasn't open until April 2. For those in that general area, but not able to make the Saturday farmers' market in Port Townsend, you should visit the newly opened Chimacum Corner Farmstand featuring local food from many of the farms and vendors at the Port Townsend farmers’ market. See

          1. re: Tom Armitage

            And here I must confess I am a complete idiot. Port Angeles Farmers Market!! That one is year round. My apologies all!