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Sep 6, 2009 09:20 PM

Good ethnic supermarkets near Great Neck

I'm looking for great ethnic supermarkets or restaurants near GN. I know of a lot of Persian/Israeli places near GN, like Danny's and Tel Aviv and Colbeh and Evergreen and the Israeli section in Associated etc., but I wouldn't mind really if you could list some other ethnic places. By ethnic, I mean experiences which are not common, sort of hole-in-the-wall, on-the-edge-of-your-seat type deal. And I also love foreign supermarkets, like the Russian/Ukrainian ones on 108th street in Queens or the Flushing ones. I'd prefer closer places--anything further than like Brighton Beach is too far. Basically, a 10 mile radius from GN is perfect--any ethnic place where they sell food is fine by me. Thanks!

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  1. try getting to astoria, near Laguardia/triboro brdge, or corona queens

    1. Whenever I go to that area, gotta stop at Razzano's in Glen Cove. Italian if that's ethnic enough for you. Packed with groceries you won't find anywhere else, except maybe Arthur Ave, and deli style take out where there's always a line.

      1. For Asian, there is H-Mart on Herricks Road and Hillside Ave., which is 10-15 minutes from you, depending on where in GN you are. Also, on Mineola Blvd. south of Jericho is a place that has Portugese items, including Linguisa, the great sausage they make. On Jericho, east of Roslyn Road is Bakers of all Nations that has Portugese Broa, the great hearty cornbread that is a specialty of portugese restaurants. On Willis Ave. in Williston Park is Ceriellos, a great Italian store, so can't imagine it is worth the extra trip to Glen Cove for Rassano's. Arthur Ave. is closer to GN than that. Also, along Hillside Ave between New Hyde Park and Lakeville Rd, I think I noticed an Indian supermarket, but have never been. One more thing that is often overlooked as an ethnic market, but in reality it carries many veggies and other items from the Carribean and central/south america is Western Beef, on Second St in Mineola, between Willis Ave. and Roslyn Road.

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          What's the name of the place that carries Linguisa on Mineola Blvd?
          And to add to the list--In GN, I try to get to A to Z Market for all sots of nuts, particularly the lemon roasted almonds and I shop at Razzano's in Glen Cove once a week and can't recommend it enough.

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            Whoa, there's an H-Mart RIGHT IN Great Neck, on Great Neck Road just north of Northern Blvd. What I like even better is the New York Mart, Asian supermarket on Horace Harding (service road of LIE) just over the Nassau line into Queens.

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              Are you thinking of Mineola Food Market, 269 Willis Ave, Mineola, NY. I know they have alot of Portuguese items.

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                I just did a google search and this came up--I can't believe I've worked minutes away from here and never tried it out. I already found some recipes for Linguisa-based stew.

                1. re: lawkid

                  That is probably what it is called. I have been in there a number of times, but don't know the name.
                  Erica, seeing as I live in East Williston, not Great Neck, I didn't really think of the fact that there was an H-Mart there, but I think I did hear of it. Thanks for mentioning it.

                  1. re: robinsilver

                    Robin, no disrespect was intended. I just wanted to catch the O.P. before she drove to East Williston.

                  2. re: lawkid

                    Also, I've noticed a series of Polish looking delis along Jericho Turnpike, between the Cross Island Pkwy and Herricks Rd.

                2. For Filipino, try a small srtrip "mall", south of Southern State on Post ave. It's really perpendicular to Post ave.
                  Also, various Latino sources in Westbury.
                  Further afield is Hicksville. Indian and Greek sources there.
                  In Hempstead, VT supermarket for all kinds of Asian food stuffs.