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Sep 6, 2009 08:33 PM

Hawaiian Grass Fed Beef (Big Island)

Hello all,

I am coming to Hawaii and have been tasked with cooking a dinner for 25. I am looking for a great butcher/rancher/retailer who sells grass fed Hawaiian beef to the public.

The closer to Kona the better, but I can go anywhere on the Big Island if need be.


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  1. The Big Island Revealed guide book suggests Waikoloa Village Market in Waikoloa Village at Waikoloa Highlands Center. 808-338-1088 for free range Hawaiian Beef.

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      1. re: Fru

        "The Big Island Revealed guide book "

        If you ask a local for directions or if you need help make sure you hide that book first.
        Even more so on Maui.

      2. Somebody offline suggested:

        JJ Meat Market
        45-3490 Mamane St, Honokaa, HI

        Anybody have any thoughts/experiences?

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        1. re: Hobsons Choice

          Not that you will necessarily get an answer but it couldn't hurt to ask someone in the meat department of KTA or Safeway market.

        2. I don't have web information for him (try (808) 885-9700 or but contact Rick Habein at Kamuela Pride. He raises grass-fed, organic beef and might be able to tell you who carries his meat. No connection other than a long-time-ago school mate who seems to be doing things the right way.

          1. Paradise Gourmet had Parker Ranch New York Strips on sale yesterday. Queen's Shops, Waikoloa.

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            1. re: chefmama2

              Just made an awesome meal with BIg Island red veal yesterday.

              1. re: manomin

                Where did you find it on Oahu, Whole Foods?

                1. re: MRMoggie

                  KCC market on Saturday(s). Whole Foods is way too far away for me to drive to.
                  Check the HFBF website for the schedule or markets and vendors. They post the Saturday schedule posts on Thursdays. It was most fabulous!

              2. re: chefmama2

                Good to know of that sale! Would that be the "Island Gourmet" market that you are referring?

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                  Good to know of the Sale! Is that the" Island Gourmet" market at Queen's Marketplace across from Romano's Grill?

                2. Sorry Having difficulty editing a post. Meant to reply (once) to chefmama2's post