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Sep 6, 2009 08:21 PM

Krisch's or Hildebrandt's

Which is better for ice cream: Krisch's in Massapequa or Hildrebrandt's in Williston Park?

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    1. Out of curiosity, any reason you're asking specifically about those two? I haven't been to Hildebrandt's in a long time, but Krisch's wouldn't be on my list these days.

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      1. re: Scott_R

        These are the only two place I've been to in this genre. My parents are die-hard Hildebrandt's fans, as am I, but I was extremely impressed with the ice cream at Krisch's the other night. Just curious what other people thought.

        1. re: new2nyc

          Around the general area, I've come to prefer In the Mood in Woodbury and Ice Screamin For Dessert Now in Bellmore (except I cannot get used to that name!).

          The flavors are more inventive at those two, and I've been seeing cleanliness issues at Krisch's the last few years. In fact, I spoke to someone about two-three weeks ago who was so repulsed that she won't go back.

          1. re: Scott_R

            I also love In the Mood... and go there often. But, I think of it differently from Hildebrandt's or Krisch's... those are ice cream parlors where as ITM is an ice cream store.

            1. re: new2nyc

              I haven't been to Bollingers in Farmingdale in quite a while, but I liked it when I was there--and it's in the line of Krisch's and Hildebrandt's (a parlor, not just a store).

              1. re: Scott_R

                I tried very hard to like Bollinger's as it replaced (and expanded) a standby, von Leesen's. The first time food was okay, service poor. Next time food not as good. The third, pretty bad and the fourth finished it.

                We had gone just for ice cream, but my then eight year old was hungrier. The burger ordered well done, was almost raw. When it came back, it was rare with a very slow moving fly walking on it. Walked out, never to return. Too many chances, usually two is enough but I really wanted to like it...

      2. It's all about the whipped cream. It is homemade at Itgens and Hildebrandts.