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Sep 6, 2009 08:20 PM

need borscht calgary

hey yall , i have a craving for good borscht that i dont have to make myself.take out would be great .any yyc'rs with some good recs out there.

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  1. My fave aside from homemade: Nick's borcht - you can buy it resh or frozen. I think the stall is called Margarita's? It's the one at the back in the Calgary Farmers Market food court that usually has the longest queue.. He also sells some really good blintzes and latkes.

    1. There's a place on the east side of 37th St SW, just south of 17th Ave. It's a european bakery/ mini-deli (sorry, forget the name). You can eat-in or take out. They'll even re-use your styrofoam containers if you bring them back, next time you purchase there.
      It did good by me, considering it's the only place I've tried borscht.

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        It's called Heritage Bakery and it's at 1912 37 Street Sw. One of my coworkers swears by it, especially the borscht.

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          I agree with maplesugar that homemade is best but to luckyphil, I found the borscht at Heritage Bakery on 37th.St. a very watered down version. Good borscht is a dark bright pink with lots of beets and other veggies and a nice sweetness, savory balance. Try the Russian deli by 14th.St. and 17th.Ave. S.W. Its a bit better . Sorry I grew up with homemade and haven't had many good restaurant borschts. I am going to try that Nicks at the farmers market. Sounds good!

        2. Polcan just off Heritage drive will have three options; in in at their cafe seating area, take-out or in the grocery section you can get borscht soup mix where you just add some HB eggs and dumplings you can prebuy at polcan...

          1. best borcht: Eidelweiss village on 20th Ave NW. SO GOOD!!