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Sep 6, 2009 08:09 PM

Where can I find fresh chiles in NZ?

A friend of mine is making salsas for a birthday bash, and needs some fresh chiles (mostly jalapenos and habaneros). My friend and I live in Auckland. I know we can get some canned/jarred chiles online from Mexifoods, or from Mexican Specialties in Ellerslie. Does anyone know where I could source some fresh chiles in Auckland or from someplace that would ship them to me within the next week?

I'm laying in a stock of seeds and planning to plant some in my garden this spring, so hopefully this won't be a problem in the future.

Thanks for your time!

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  1. suggest trying Garry at Kaitaia Fire - he is "mr chile" in NZ! its been a while since I was in touch with him but think hes stil running the place - the website is here:

    on the website it doesnt list fresh chiles but get in touch - they definitely grow haberneros up there to use in their waha wera sauce - they definitely sell dried ones so might sell fresh and if not would probably be good place to ask
    good luck!
    if all else fails would try the Avondale sunday market or otherwise try your luck at indian grocers in the dominion road mt roskill area - i chanced on fresh habs there once and they were amazing!

    1. Most supermarkets usually carry jalapenos at least. Although they're not in season at the moment, they may have some imports.

      1. There's an outfit up in Matakana growing chiles. Can't find their website, but you can buy them online from Foodtown when they're in season.