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Sep 6, 2009 07:31 PM

Local Boston must see?!?!

My wife and I are visiting Boston for the first time from Monday thru Wednesday. What are the best authentic spots locals would recommend? We want to avoid tourist areas if it all possible, but really want the real Boston cuisine experience. We would love any good hole-in-the-wall and mom and pop recommendations. Mainly looking for seafood but always open to the best cheap spot for food and a cocktail/brew/vino. Thanks.

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  1. In the North End, try the original Regina's for pizza or Neptune Oyster for seafood; in Boston's Chinatown try China Pearl (big and rolling carts) for Dim Sum or across the street, Peach Farm for Chinese seafood; In the Fenway section try Trattoria Toscano for very good Italian or Grotto on Beacon Hill; if you have a car head up to the Cape Ann area (Essex, Ipswich, Rockport, Gloucester for fried clams, fried seafood or lobster)...too many places to mention but the Clam Box, Farnhams, The Village Restaurant, Woodmans, The Causeway, etc.