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Sep 6, 2009 04:58 PM

Feedback on Choices in Rome, Please

Hellow to the International CHers.

M&M Jfood are finally getting to Rome the end of this week. The restaurants have worked their way up the leader board and Jfood is now focused. The two that keep popping up are:

- Colline Emiliane and
- Pietro Valentini

The jfoods are looking for local places, not white tableclots with great pasta and fish. Staying on Via Veneto so things near the hotel with a beautiful walk back to the hotel for some gelato is also in the picture.

They know they cannot go wrong with most places but wanted to check in with his colleagues in Roma.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. hi jfood,

    i haven't been to either restaurant (at least not that i remember) so i can't speak to strengths/weaknesses.

    my modest advice is for you and your wife to walk your neighborhood. trust your instincts the same way you would in nyc, msp, nola, chicago, ct.. pop into places that "talk" to you. if you like a place, return a second time and you'll discover a world of difference: you'll be treated like family.

    i know the area around your hotel, consider branching out a bit. maybe consult your guidebook for the route of the tiny, electric 116 bus. it goes to some more interesting neighborhoods.

    mbfant and jen kalb are excellent sources of information. same for vidanto, others. search their posts. but at the end of the day, trust your own good instincts.

    since you like small family-run places, you might want to check out il drappo (off the via giulia). it's run by a sardinian brother and sister team. it's pretty special to deb and me (think brigtsen's). the 116 can take you there.

    last thought: don't sweat the details, you'll be back.

    1. This restaurant is about 5-6 blocks from Piazza Navona which doesn't fit in with your preferred location, but the food was outstanding. In fact, the first night was so delicious I went back again two nights later. No one speaks English, and the menu is tutto italiano, so be prepared. The antipasti are fabulous, the fish - super fresh, the ambiance - pure Roma.
      L'Osteria de Memmo, Via dei Soldati 22-23, Tel. 06.68135277

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        thanks Momma, the first night should be local to hotel, others are more flexible. The website for this restauran looks great.