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Sep 6, 2009 04:47 PM

Sly Fox Brewery

Has anybody every been to the Sly Fox Brewery in Royersford? Do they offer brewery tours and tasting or is it just a restaurant/pub?

I'm looking for the beer version of a winery tour/tasting for a bunch of guys to do this fall and this one happens to be close to the Limerick Outlets so we can have our wives go shopping all day while we hang out and then cart our tipsy butts home at the end of the day!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Don't know if Sly Fox does tours but if I had to go with my wife so she could shop in Limerick, I'd be holed up at Craft Ale House all day. 16+/- taps and over a 100 bottles and good food. Guess I'm lucky though she'd want to be with me at CAH too and will save shopping trips for her friends, not me.

    1. Don't think Sly Fox does tours. Have the wives drop you off at Victory in Downingtown then they can continue on to Outlet shopping in Lancaster straight down Rt 30. Victory does tours, has a great brewpub with 20+ different beers on tap and 3 on handpump (cask)., and a nice shop to buy beer to go and Victory merchandise

      Also, I'll second the Craft Ale House. It's a great place.

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        The Victory tours have been Saturdays at 4pm. Another good thing about CAH is that you can almost stumble to the Limerick outlets from there. It's 40 miles between Downingtown and Lancaster and several stretches of Rt. 30 really suck.

      2. Sly Fox in Rofo is just a restaurant/pub. I've heard great reviews about Craft Ale House and it's only a couple minutes from the Outlets. I heard the food is phenominal also, not just the beer!

        1. No tours at SlyFox to speak of, however it is a neat microbrew pub to hang out in. Not sure what day the wives were planning to shop, but on Sundays the SlyFox has beer, wing, and steamer specials. We find ourselves there quite a bit on Sundays. I will also agree with everyone else that the Craft Ale House is also a great place - both great beers and food.

          To be honest, you cant go wrong with either place. Have fun.

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