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Sep 6, 2009 04:33 PM

Amadio's Pizza in Mississauga is a farce.

Evening all..

As you've probably seen my countless rants about lack of wood burning oven pizza places, Googs got me thinking about stone oven pizzas as well.

So I go into google and punch in "stone oven pizza in mississauga" and the name that comes up over and over is Amadio's. They claim to have stone oven baked pizzas, everything is stone baked, and so on. Their website and flyers I picked up in store all say this..

Well from the second I walked in, I got a bad vibe. The "owner" of this place asks me what I'm having as soon as I walk in, as if he doesn't have the patience for me. I read over their "specials" on the wall and he abruptly tells me he isn't doing any specials today; no walk in specials or anything. He hands me this incredibly overpriced menu where a small pizza with sauce & cheese costs $13. But since i'm here already, I try a medium pepperoni pizza. It's like $17 bucks with tax and the size of a "small" from Pizza Nova. When I said to the guy "Wow, expensive", can you believe he had the nerve to blame his employees by saying "Yeah well minimum wage is about 10 bucks an hour now"

The ovens are crappy metal electrical kind because I'm paying special attention to this.. I even thought "well maybe he's trying to dupe the customer by calling it stone oven baked, when he's only using a pizza stone..." but nope, not even a pizza stone. He's cooking it on parchment paper for Christ's sake, it looks like... The same crap pizza I could get from any Pizza Pizza or anywhere else.

I guess whoever his general customers are complete bafoons because nobody's noticed their claims of stone ovens when all they have is the regular type.

Let's just say the pizza was completely forgettable.. Undercooked crust, no char at all, soggy pepperoni, and grated bagged mozzerella.

What a waste of time.

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  1. If this is Amadio's just up Hwy 10 from PC, then I believe it changed owners 12-18 months ago. Have heard reports consonant with yours from old timers. Ever try Pizza Marconi on Cawthra?

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      That is the one...

      If it changed owners, that would be the only logical explaination, because it was one sorry excuse for a pizza

      Marconi I have only ever tried a pepperoni slice there (which was good, but not piping fresh) but have heard many good things about their whole pizzas & sandwiches.. Good reminder, I'll check this one out shortly


      1. re: duckdown

        Was that a capital "S" stone or a lower cap "s"? Stone Oven is an American brand of electric commercial pizza ovens.

        Too many of these pizza places are franchises sold on a get rich quick basis. In that $17 pizza there was about 25 cents worth of flour, salt and yeast in the dough; plus 20 cents worth of tomato sauce, 25 cents for the pepperoni, less than a dollar's worth of cheese and that piece of parchment paper gets reused all day. That's a pretty good business proposition.

        1. re: iamafoodie

          Well this is one of the pictures of their claims:

          LOL, it, even shows the pizza going into a burning fire. What a complete hoax

          You are right about the get rich quick scheme; which is what this looks like to me..

          Regarding the name "Stone" or "stone": The oven brand started with a G I am pretty sure... The exact type of convection oven you'd see at your neighbourhood pizza pizza or pizzaville or what not

          Thanks for the post

          1. re: iamafoodie

            Nino D'Aversa has a wood-fire stome pizza oven at the Keele and Woodbridge locations, but the oven in Thornhill is gas fired, even though it looks like a wood-fired. Pizza lovers beware.

            1. re: OTFOODIE

              Actually thats a good reccomendation, now that you mention it, I do recall someone else telling me that before

              Thanks for the post, I am going to check them out

              1. re: duckdown

                I've given up on Mississauga pizzas and begun grilling home made high hydration pizza bianca to get the wood-oven flavor.

                If you make a wrong turn on the way to Buster Rhino's and go north to Bolton you might forget about the quest for a pizza from a wood-fired oven. Try the family run Caruso's in Bolton. They serve simply outstanding pizzas with classic toppings baked at a very high temperature. Well worth the trip. How any other pizza shop there survives is beyond my comprehension.


      2. The original comment has been removed