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Anyone in Melbourne know when Sichuan Feast opens?

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Whilst I've been away, Dainty Sichuan on Corrs Lane has closed but is reopening as Sichuan Feast with the same menu, chef and staff. I went last Tuesday night and the big fluoro sign was up but it was closed.

Any CBD hounds seen it open or know when it opens?

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  1. Answer to my own question. They are open lunch and dinner apart from Tuesday - which was when I went.

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      I was there when they photographing for the new menus, they had a camera set up on a table and for each dish that came out they took the picture quickly. If you see the Cumin Spareribs pic on the menu, I ate that plate. Yup the same one you are drooling over. Thats my only claim to fame. Sad I know, but it keeps me going.

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        Thats probably my favourite dish on the menu!