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Sep 6, 2009 03:36 PM

What is your favourite Hong Kong hole in the wall? Any good spicy food restaurants in Kowloon?

Will be arriving next weekend for a few days and staying at the W Hotel in Kowloon. We're looking for some of the little hole in the wall places that I love so much in mainland China. We will also be spending a day in Aberdeen and thought about staying to eat at one of the floating restaurants. Any recommendations?

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  1. Head up to 'Cho Choi Koon' ( Cantonese pronounciation ) in Jordan District. ( both taxi or subway are fine! ). Restaurant located at SE corner of Nathan Road and Jordan Road ( just east of Tak Hing Street ). Great ' Wok Hay' stir fry Cantonese dishes at el cheapo prices! Do not miss out on the stirred fry pig's liver with ginger and scallions! Yummmmm!
    One of the best Won Ton noodle joint in town - Mak Man Kee is only a couple of minutes walk away at Parker Street ( second street off Jordan road west of Nathan road ). Apart from the tasty won ton dumplings, the melt in your mouth 'Braised beef brisket and tendons' are also fantastic. The sweet and spicy penny hot sauce noodle is also pretty addictive!
    Night time, head further west to Temple street for a whole street of Hawker food stalls
    Great seafood ( crusteceans and bi-valves). Check daily pricing though!! Tendency for some of them to take advantage of tourists!
    Good Luck and beware of pick pockets!

    1. Hmm, I'd go for a drink at Top Deck on the Jumbo Floating restaurant in Aberdeen, but wouldn't bother eating anywhere round there.

      If you want simple seafood then you could think about taking a slow ferry to Cheung Chau (get a deluxe ticket on the 3 storey ferries and sit outside soaking up the view) and eating somewhere along the waterfront.

      We tend to eat in the last but one restaurant. It's totally informal, super cheap (much cheaper than Lamma, Lei Yu Mun etc) and the journey is great.

      Hole in the wall? My fave is Thai Hut in Wanchai but that's not very Chinese!!

      1. One quintessential HK experience and one of my fave holes in the wall is the Australia Dairy Company (nothing to do with Australia - you'll know when you see it), a fave for HK-style breakfasts of ham & macaroni in soup, thick toasts slathered in butter and egg and ham sandwiches etc. It's pretty much HK's version of a diner, but I'd only go for breakfast (or an afternoon snack of steamed milk pudding/egg custard). The service sucks, the food isn't for everyone, but most HKers will tell you it's a worthy experience. You'll find nothing like it in Mainland China.

        For spicy food in Kowloon, try Yunyan in Miramar Shopping Centre (cnr Nathan and Kimberly Rds, Tsim Sha Tsui) for Sichuan.

        NB. is a very useful Citysearch type search engine for addresses in both chinese and english (most, not all) - though most of the site is in chinese, just type the restaurant's name in the search bar.

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          The noodle joint 'Mak Man Kee' as captioned above happens to be next door of Australia Dairy Company Kowloon's branch as eluded to by e ting!! If you have the appetite you can kill two birds with one stone?!