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Sep 6, 2009 02:23 PM

Leaving for Vegas with a toddler tomorrow

Okay, please no flaming about toddlers in Vegas, after all we are staying at Excalibur and don't plan on gambling. I reserved a cabana by the pool for two days (hope that it's worth it, but I heard there is little shade there, so better safe than sorry, and after all having my own cabana boy sounds fun too, lol)...That said any suggestions for restaurants, buffet or attractions. I've started a list, but would love some personal input. I am taking my mother and my 2 1/2 yr old son.

Thanks so much!


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    1. When we were in Vegas we were disappointed to find out the pool at our hotel was for 14+ yrs only. I understand not wanting noisy kids in the pool area but what's worse - kids splashing about or a teenager gawking? I'd suggest making sure the Excalibur's pool doesn't have similar restrictions.

      To keep this somewhat on track - buffets are a great way to get a decent meal and keep your toddler entertained. We quite liked the buffet at the Bellagio, but others may have better suggestions. The other fave place aside from the MGM Grand & the shark reef is the M&M store; the kids were amazed with the multitude of colors.

      1. Years ago, you could also get an all day wristband for the Monte Carlo pool which had a wave pool, river float and hot tub as well. My then four year old and I enjoyed ourselves immensely because our hotel pool was too deep for her.

        She has been there at age 4 and 5 (she is now 9). She loved the M&M store and everytime I go back I have to bring her something from there. The chocolate fountain at Bellagio is good too for a treat and eyecandy. The volcano, the rain storm at the shops at the Planet Hollywood casino, the talking statues at Caesar's were good. She also enjoyed putting coins in every fountain we walked by. Let me tell you, you can go more broke doing that than playing the slots!! The lions and the shark reef are good too.

        She also enjoyed the NASCAR cafe at the Sahara and dinner at Benihana at the Las Vegas Hilton and Smith & Wollensky . 'Wichcraft at MGM for sandwiches with their huge whoopie pie (although not authentic) was very good when I went last time.

        Good luck!

        1. Check with your hotel about cabana rules, but definitely the thing to do with kids. They can nap, watch TV or their favorite DVD's and if they get tired/restless/bored, you can leave and come back. Take their beverages with you along with whatever little snacks they like.

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            Thanks to all, we had a great trip...stayed at the excalibur, can't say the "new" rooms in tower II are fantastic, but they were clean enough and the air worked. We ended up reserving a cabana for the entire week, it was a GREAT decision. If you ever reserve one there, don't let them talk you into renting one by the kids pool, it's not the pool, but they want $20 more for those, for some reason. But that said the cabana had a huge flat screen tv, futon, chairs, came with pool toys (really nice that we did not have to drag them around each day) and a partially stocked fridge and snack bar, with waters, juice, fruit, chips, etc. Personally I think it was the best money there. My mom booked a massage and had high marks for the spa as well. We did the trip down the strip and saw the fountains, water shows, etc., not to mention Circus Circus. Which I will say, every single game my 2 1/2 yr old played they gave him a free toy, we left with bags full. Not bad for a dollars worth of amusement and the grin on my son's face. We walked to the MGM and missed the Lions each day (not to all, double check closing times, as they all change on Labor Day) tried to do the rainforest cafe and that was a wreck, my son was terrified by the swinging mokeys. We also walked to the Mandalay Bay, for the shark exhibit, what a waste, you can literally walk through it in 10 minutes tops, had one sting ray in the entire touch pool and a half dozen horse shoe crabs, so not worth the money for kids or adults, complete waste in my opinion. Now as far as restaurants go, the $25 all you can eat, all day for buffet's are at most of the hotels now, from the Mandalay Bay to the Circus Circus to the MGM to Excalibur and across the board, all of them are free to kids 3 and under and a few went as high as age 4. We did buffets and the above and honestly, they were all about the same. MGM had more seafood and Mandalay Bay more breakfast items, but they were probably not worth the effort to try a different one each night, they all had about 90% of the same items. I will say that if you are into desserts, the Excalibur has the worse choices, very artificial out of the jar/can tasting, but they had the best rare prime rib. Hotel wise, I do think the Excalibur is great for kids, it's nice to have the midway (arcade and circus type games) and the cheap food court (complete with Mickey D's and Krispy Creme Donuts) which is probably why I'd stay there again. The downside, in my opinion, being at the end of the strip, cab ride at 8pm even midweek is pricey to get anywhere near Treasure Island or Circus Circus (yes, I know it's possible to walk or take the bus, but for me not realistic with an elderly mom and toddler). So there's my update. Oh and to those who asked....they did not require a car seat in the taxi cabs and while we buckled him up, only one driver even noticed or asked. Same with the Shuttles from the airport.

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              Thanks for reporting back. Was your son impressed by the array of foods offered at the buffets or was he oblivious. I'm not sure I remember being his age, but when I was about a year older, I remember enjoying the choice involved in a cafeteria or buffet. I liked not having my parents have to order for me.