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Sep 6, 2009 12:26 PM

San Diego Little Italy Recommendations?

Fairly new to the area and went to the San Diego Little Italy Farmers Market this weekend. There are so many restaurants, I'm assuming some of which aren't so great. So, what are good places to eat in Little Italy? Anything from sandwiches to dinner... what's worthwhile there?

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  1. Mona Lisa has really good Italian deli sandwiches.
    Luigi's just opened a pizza by the slice. I haven't tried this location yet, but their one in Golden Hill is good.
    Mimmo's has a good deli for lunch, nice pastas and such for dinner.
    A new Burger Lounge just opened if you're in the mood for a great burger.
    Or you could get lunch from one of the many fodo vendors there. There's a panini guy, Thai, Indian, and a couple others.

    1. Pete's Meats.

      Across from Fillipi's

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        Is Pete's Meats the little sausage place?

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          Paper plates,plastic tables and chairs, canned soda.
          Great sandwiches.

      2. Mona Lisa deli
        Bon Appetito
        Puerto La Boca - Argentinian
        Luigi Pizza

        Best four in my opinion

        1. Thanks - I had a feeling there was a reason there wasn't much Little Italy activity on the boards!

          1. I really like Enoteca Style because not only have I dined and dashed there, other times, I've lounged and lavished in their warm and ultra-cool bistro. Uber-crisp paninis (I can vouch for the Ash panini w/the garlic aioli and italian meats, provolone and pepperocinis) and the Chimay on draft really hit the spot. I'd like to go back and try the Lost Coast brews from Humboldt County. Don't pass on the dolce: vanilla gelato, strawberries and basalmic vinegar. The only other place that I like to have this dessert is at Wineseller & Brasserie in Sorrento Mesa, which is a pretty penny more.

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              "not only have I dined and dashed there"

              Without paying?