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Sep 6, 2009 12:24 PM

Horrrrrible dinner at Nirvana

Nirvana on K street
I am practically last in line for a restaurant bashing...but I was so totally filled with remorse at having eaten here that I want others to be spared this place.
We ordered a mix vegetables in tomato sauce, dal makhani and eggplant curry with rotis and puri(fried bread)
We got this overflowing bowl of tomato sauce and then realized it was actually a medium green pepper that had been halved filled with tomato sauce(which was nice tasting) mixed in were about 6 corn KERNELS and a couple of frozen beans....for $10? That was a joke but was supposed to be the mixed vegetable curry...O-K-AY.
The rest of the food was mediocre to bad too...the eggplant curry had 2 small pieces of eggplant but rather drowned in the we do understand that water aka as gravy is way cheaper than vegetable-but hey at 10 bucks you can afford to throw in some more veggies.
The dal had a box of salt thrown in, so bitter that we could barely have a couple of spoons each.
The final straw was the was so hard and crunchy due to being deep fried when the oil was obviously not hot enough-the thing was drowning in grease and when we popped it open it squirted oil everywhere.
Total time eating-7 mins
We practically left the table untouched, forked over $50 and the bald man (manager?) who probably is so used to this, did not once ask us how we were doing, nor why the food was untouched.
Please do yourself a favor and stay away.
P.S. A good indication of what goes on in the kitchen and with general upkeep is the washroom. I tried to wash my hands but that place was filthy and stank so bad, I just about managed to do that. A toal dampner on a good evening. :(

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  1. And you "forked over the $50" ... why, exactly?

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    1. re: wayne keyser

      It's a big step to get to the point where you feel comfortable complaining or sending things back or refusing to pay. Our meal at Blue Agave in Federal Hill was the last straw for us. We still grinned at the waiter and paid for our meal, but it was absolute garbage and ever since we don't hesitate to point out something when it's not right. Frankly, you're doing everyone a disservice when you don't politely speak up.

      1. re: kukubura

        I agree that a complaint was in order but the management attitude was so disinterested that we frankly couldnt be bothered to help them with their business whilst our stomachs were growling. Sure, if I had stamina and was not starving I may have politely pointed out a few things.

    2. I stopped here for a lunch a while and then posted about my experience--very disappointing. I remember lots of good buzz when it opened. Clearly no longer.

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      1. re: shellymck

        We went to Nirvana yesterday for a late afternoon buffet, and when the bread plate came, it contained four halved hamburger buns (!!!) - and, I think, a couple of tortillas; either that or very flat and rather stale naan. We tried the hamburger buns with the papaya curry, but it really doesn't work.