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Sep 6, 2009 12:12 PM

Finger Lakes Region: October Dinner

Hi there,

A Boston chowhound here looking for a great place to enjoy dinner for 5 in an upcoming mid-October weekend. We're attending a wedding in Geneva, NY and will be staying in Seneca Falls. We're not looking for any one type of food in particular, just a place where we can get substantially above average food comprised of local ingredients. Can anyone help? I'm tired of useless Internet searches with the restaurants that pay the most popping up first!

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  1. About 20-30 minutes south of Seneca Falls, Simply Red (at Sheldrake Point Winery) and Suzanne's in Lodi fit the bill. Both have lots of local ingedients and are very good. I believe Suzanne's made a Top 10 restaurant list for the entire state.

    1. Check out Madderlake Cafe, just south of Geneva, too. Very good food, almost entirely locally sourced.