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Sep 6, 2009 12:01 PM

September 2009 Grocery Outlet

San Pablo

50 cents - 2 lbs key limes
69 cents - Ocean Prince lightly smoked sardines with green chiles
$1.49 - Cucina & Amore pasta sauce from Italy 17.6 oz box
$1.99 - Fully Loaded Tea bags
$1.99 - Organic India Tulsi Tea
$2 - Finlandia baby muenster 1lb 1 oz
$2.99 - Nature's Cafe tilapia and ahi tuna frozen dinners

Rohnert Park

$1.47 - Folgers blend Brazlian coffee 10.3 oz

I didn't spend a lot of time at this location. I just dropped in to see if there was any interesting wine ... there wasn't. However, they did have a lot of the cheeses marked down drastically ... and with weird pricing like 67 cents. I wasn't going home soon so I didn't look closely.

I tried the pasta sauce with the olives in it and it was very good. I bought a few more boxes. It is a thick sauce with good tomato flavor and lots of green and black olives. I picked up another box of the red pepper with garlic to see how that tastes

The Finlandia cheese is quite good with tomatoes. I made a nice grilled cheese sandwich yesterday and it was nice in a salad today.

Haven't tried the frozen dinner yet but bought the Indian tandoori tilapia which comes with rice. Lots of organic ingredients on the label.

The Organic Tulsi Tea is going for $4.99 online

The Fully Loaded Tea is selling for $9.99 online. It lookes interesting

Goji Force Green Tea
Whole leaf green tea with goji berries and lingonberries

Bulletproof Currant Fruit Tea
Caffeine free fruit tea with blackcurrants, cranberries, lingonberries and rosehips

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  1. Just a note to check your receipt. There was a coupon for $3 off groceries for orders over $25 (excluding dairy & booze). However, spending $25 might be a challenge at GO


    50 cents - Philadelphia pepperjack with jalapeno cream cheese spread 6.5 oz
    99 cents - Large boxes of Imagine soup are back
    $1.49 - McCain's instant Irish Oatmeal 16 oz
    $1.49 - Venison with mushrooms
    $2.99 - Nature's Cafe wasabi ginger salmon frozen dinners
    $3.99 - 32 oz Vita herring in wine sauce
    $4.99 - $7.99 - Alaska smokehouse salmon is back

    Also boxed wine is back with a vengence Inglenook, Almaden and Franzia $3.99 - $5.99. Mainly whites and pinks. However Almaden had some Cabernet and Burgundy.

    Those Nature's Cafe dinners are quite good if you are a part of the frozen dinner crowd. The Indian tanoodri was my favorite. Nothing seemed Indian about it but there the generous slice of tilapia had a nice sauce of green Hatch-like peppers and onions. The wasabi salmon was good to, the flavor mainly mild wasabi. Watch the packages for thawing. The Vera Cruz tilapia had a great sauce, but I should have paid attention to the ice crystals outside the package. The store didn't handle that correctly and let it thaw. All come with about a cup of white rice.

    The Philly spread was a lot better than the Kraft and Alouette spreads

    I won't buy the Vita herring because it has HFCS in it. No reason in the world for that. However, it is a great price for such a large jar if you have no such reservations

    Alaska Smokehouse also has a $5.99 size in a wooden box in addition to the $4.99 and $7.99 sizes

    Venison isn't my thing usually, so I passed on the non-refrigerated, microwavable, boilable pouch. Located above the ice cream in this store.

    San Pablo

    50 cents - small boxes of Imagine organic soup (onion or squash)
    $1.49 - Lindt Excellence bars (70%, 75% and chili)

    At the higher price, those Lindt bars aren't the deal they once were. Wal-mart often sells them for close to that price ... with a bigger variety.

    All stores (until Tues 9/15)
    99 cents - 8 oz white mushrooms (good condition)
    99 cents - Healthy Choice frozen dinners
    $1.29 - 18 medium eggs
    $1.49 - 1lb Land O Lakes butter
    $1.49 - 3 lbs bananas
    $1.49 - Land o Lakes or Alpine lace Swiss cheese (6-8 oz)
    $1.50 - 3 lbs of Gala apples
    $4.99 - 33 oz MJB coffee

    1. livermore, right now:
      some sort of mariachi party. free music outside, some free samples, other samples not free. cashiers have tickets for a free taco (with purchase i assume). i just ran in and out, did not stop to investigate. store very busy, parking lot crowded.

      1. San Pablo

        50 cents - Wellington cracked pepper water crackers
        79 cents - Nisson cheese and chipotle pepper ramen
        $1.49 - Haagen-Daz Reserve Hawaiian Lehua and sweet cream
        $2.99 - Kerrygold Irish butter 1 lb

        I didn't mention the water crackers before since I thought they would fly off the shelf at that price. They are really quite good with nice black pepper background accent

        I just think cheese and chipotle ramen is funny. They'd have to pay me to eat it and even then I don't think so.

        Don't know if that is a good price for Kerrygold butter, but I thought I'd mention it.

        The HD ice cream is very nice with the lehua honey swirls

        From my OP, I finally tried the Cucina & Amore red pepper pasta sauce. While I loved the olive pasta sauce and recommend it, I'm not so crazy about the red pepper flavor. One of the ingredients is anchovies and that flavor is way too pronounced. Even if I never read the label, I would have known anchovies were in there.

        There was a post about the Reno GO carrying this wine. Not at the San Pablo store, but thought I'd pass it along if anyone sees it elswhere
        $2 - 2006 Marlargo Riesling - Australia, South Australia, Mount Lofty Ranges, Clare Valley

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        1. re: rworange

          Santa Rosa has those pepper crackers for 50 cents.

          Also the HD ice cream with honey swirls, but a dearth of pints or popsicles - something for the current heat wave.

          Still has plenty of organic frozen entrees.

          And Veetee packets of Indian food near the pasta & on end aisle near fresh fruit. 99 cents

          Tulsi tea is great, if you want lemon get it soon. Plenty of orange & passion fruit. $1.99

          Also, Knudsen all fruit juice spritzers (light) in several flavors for $2.99 dozen.

          Cheese is a little limited and no yogurt today.

          1. re: Columba

            Last week in Newark,

            The Licorice Tulsi tea is nice! will have to go back to stock more.

            Organic vegetable frozen lasagna, the wrap does not say organic, but the ingredients list has lot of organic stuff.

            There were lot of small containers of Dreyer's ice cream.
            Some other interesting desserts in frozen section, I didn't get.

          2. re: rworange

            Might have to go looking for some of that ramen! Have a place for it on my shelf of food curiosities!

            1. re: rworange

              Kerrygold is 2.69 for half a pound at Trader Joe's so I think that is a great price.

            2. I ducked into the Oakland store. Only thing I really noticed was Mother's cookies, chocoloate chip or double fudge sandwiches for $1.99.

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              1. re: ML8000

                The weird ramen wasn't quite what I was hoping for but I did find a great buy on DiCecco Risa - Carnaroli Rice ( for risotto ) - vacuum packed 1 lb. box for only 99 cents.. Also large box of soy milk - chocolate flavor for 99 cents each.

              2. Anyone try the purple & pink-soul-food-three-wheeler parked out front in Oakland? I think its Brown Shuga kitchen(?)

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                  1. re: mmerino

                    The taco truck that's parked on Broadway in front of GO is pretty good, solid if not outstanding. The lady that runs it is very nice.