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Sep 6, 2009 11:46 AM

ISO La Jolla ocean view or near or in SD ( RIGHT ON THE WATER ) for BDAY on 11/27/09

I would love a great Italian or French menu for my husband, our dear friends (there will be four of us)......not necessarily fine dining, more on the side of cozy, casual, very little noise and great service ...all of this the day AFTER Thanksgving. An experience to remember.........

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  1. The Marine Room is practically in the ocean, but it is a fine dining house. The food is good, nothing particularly creative or risky, but the service is excellent and would be very appropriate for a gathering of good friends.

    1. for really good Italian and a warm, cozy atmosphere within earshot of the ocean (though not necessarily in "view" of it because of the building layout), my top pick is Trattoria Acqua in La Jolla Cove.

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        It does have a view of the ocean at the La Jolla caves, La Jolla Shores and up the coastline to Del Mar.

      2. I second the Marine Room BUT its not the cozy casual type..if it was open for lunch more so.
        Trattoria Acqua is cozy casual in LJ with ocean views..Piatti's in LJ Shores is quite good and a couple of blocks from the beach but no view.
        George's at the Cove on the terrace or the bar but its a busy place and its more California cuisine.
        Clay's at the top of the Hotel La Jolla is another thought.

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          has the food on the terrace at George's improved since the remodel/transformation? i was always a fan of the more formal dining room, but the few times i ate upstairs it was mediocre at best. it always drove me crazy that you could get great food OR the view, but not both together!

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            If you liked the food at the old George's downstairs, there is little that you will recognize on the menu of the new George's California Modern...and that is a good thing. The Chef has taken a much fresher, seasonal, sustainable approach to his menu which changes often. BTW, if you really feel that you must sit on the Ocean Terrace for the view (even though there isn't much of one after sunset, you can request ordering off the California Modern menu when sitting upstairs.

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              good to know about ordering off the other menu - i'm pretty sure that option wasn't always available...? anyway, the view/outdoor seating isn't a "must" for me, but it always seems to be for out-of-town visitors :) i'll look forward to checking it out when i move back to SD in November (hooray!)