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Sep 6, 2009 11:05 AM

DFW - Restaurants Offering Exceptional Freshly Prepared Veggies??

Would appreciate restaurant recommendations for good freshly prepared veggies at reasonable prices in the Dallas area, particularly East Dallas / Lakewood.

Penne Pomodoro (Lakewood and Snider Plaza locations), for example, has terrific garlic spinach and garlic broccoli - thinly sliced garlic cloves mixed and lightly sauteed in olive oil with two of my favorite vegetables.

Also, Buzz Brew's "Californication" omelette is exceptional, although a similar omelette at Cafe Brazil has repeatedly missed the mark for a couple of years.

On the downside, Dixie House often serves tired and overcooked veggies, as does the local Luby's. Good Eats and Black-Eyed Pea on Greenville are somewhere in between, not always dependable.

Obviously, this is not necessarily for vegetarian tastes, although Kalachandji's and Spiral Diner can satisfy on occasion, and I am mostly looking for places that may have slipped under the radar.


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  1. I've always enjoyed the fresh cooked veggies at Celebration Restaurant on Lovers Lane.