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Sep 6, 2009 10:50 AM

Breed Street evening food vendors - still there?

I haven't been to the weekend evening Breed Street street food deliciousness in a few months. An acquaintance went recently and said nearly all of the vendors were gone. I really hope that's not the case. Anyone been recently (like this weekend or last)? Has it indeed changed, or moved, or is it the same? Does one evening/time of day have more vendors than another?

Thanks in advance. This was such a great LA eating experience, and I hope it remains so.

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  1. It was still there about six weeks ago on a Friday.

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    1. re: BearCity

      Thanks. The person who told me nearly everything was gone went last weekend, I believe.

      1. re: mmmmangos

        Bummer. It was a fun experience, and the churro cart was fantastic. I did notice it was happening in a city-owned parking lot, which supposedly collects parking fees until 9:00, but was overrun with vendors and families well before then. Maybe they had trouble with the city?

    2. Any updates on this? Can anyone confirm or -- better yet -- deny?

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      1. re: Peripatetic

        I will be going Sunday evening with the goal of denying.

      2. One night I went there and there was a rumor going around they were about to get busted. Everybody packed up and left.

        But they were back within the hour. So maybe when your friends went, there was some kind of incident.

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        1. re: gsw

          That's routine.And, they come right back like nothing happened.

        2. I'm still going tomorrow, but met DasUbergeek there tonight to grab a nibble on the way to another great meal.

          Everybody was there, no worries. What happened last weekend was that Officer F$@&$@ from the Hollenbeck station single-handedly drove everybody away. In general now that the street food dragnet has ended most cops leave Breed St. alone, except this jerk.

          Waiting for DU, I arrived early to an empty parking lot with about 7 beat up cargo vans, which was the scene about 6:45PM. At 7 on the dot, everyone started to disembark with staff and equipment like a military operation. By 7:15 most every stand was up and running.

          I had a taco of birria de res(beef birria)from La Jarocha.Delicious.I was eyeing her alambre, cheese, steak, and bacon taco, but still had to go to dinner. Next time. DU brought me a taco of barbacoa from the, well, barbacoa stand.

          I'll let him talk about his experience as a first time Breed Streeter.

          It was fun watching the set up. I wish they'd just let them cook, so disturbing. They aren't going anywhere for now, they'll continue to be harrassed, but will return.

          Anyways, tomorrow I think I'm hitting those enchiladas up.

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          1. re: streetgourmetla

            Excellent news! Thanks for the update, Street.

            1. re: streetgourmetla

              Thanks for the excellent news! Yippee!