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Sep 6, 2009 10:22 AM

Cheesesteaks in Monmouth County?

I'm from Philly and have been craving a really good cheesesteak...Is there such a thing around here? The Midtown has a great steak sandwich, but it's not the same...Any recommendations would be great!

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    1. re: seal

      Late night in the summer Jimmy in Belmar makes a nice cheesesteak, some times i stop there after getting a big buck of fried chicken at Macks's on the boardwalk in Belmar ..great taste and CHEAP

      1. re: seal

        Willy's is in my personal top 2 "best" NJ cheese steaks. Double check the times they are open (maybe call).. because the last 2 times I went to a show at Count Basie, he wasn't open.

        The best cheese steak in my personal opinion is Ted's Stop. It's in South Amboy, so technically Middlesex County, but not too far from Willy's.

        Uncle Philly's should be opening soon.. I am eager to try them. I hope they do not disappoint.

      2. While I've never had a cheesesteak from Pat's or Gino's in Philly, my favorite is definately Willy's in Red Bank. You can see the quality of the meat before it is put on the grill, fresh beef sliced in house, (ribeye?). I also like the cheese sauce - Willy's version of Cheeze Wiz (I guess), although I preter melted provolone. I also like the fries, not hand cut, but properly prepared frozen.

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        1. re: LarryLg

          I have to say. I have lived int eh Red Bank area for two years, after being a north jersey native and Willy's is VERY disappointing. The worst I'd say is the service. The three times I have tried Willy's the counter staff is young and just act like they could care less. They are unkept and have bad attitudes. The food, eh... at best. The roll should be heated and the meat is not a generous portion.
          C'mon people, there is much better out there.
          Willly's needs to shape up.