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Dec 11, 2004 12:18 PM

Need recs for best fish and chips in south orange county

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I love fish and chips, especially when the fish flakes and is so light and yummy. Can anyone recommend a good fish and chips place in South Orange County? Preferably something that is reasonable.


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  1. I admit I don't know anything about the geography of Orange County. But I used to drive "south" from here (WLA) to Seal Beach and have very good and inexpensive fish and chips at Walt's Wharf.

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    1. re: juny1cat

      The Olde Ship in Fullerton has very good fish & chips.....

      Along with a full bar as well.

      Always good to have both....;)


      1. re: Just Cid

        There is another Olde Ship on 17th in Santa Ana

        1. re: MzMaggie

          I second the Olde Ship in Santa Ana. Good fish, great chips, and I also happen to love their clam chowder (I've mentioned it on other threads in the past).

          Is that South OC though?

      2. re: juny1cat

        South county options:
        Muldoon's at Newport Center Drive
        The Quiet Woman in Corona del Mar
        the new Crow Bar & Kitchen in Corona del Mar
        I think the Fisherman at San Clemente Pier does an ok job of it.
        Harbor Grill in Dana Point
        I think Five Crowns offers them at lunch

        See? All south county choices. Not to diss The Olde Ship... but I'm sure you weren't thinking Fullerton or Santa Ana when you posted your query...

      3. Go to Harp Inn in Costa Mesa on 17th st. Its the greatest fish and chips.

        You have to go before 8 to avoid paying cover charge. But if you go after 8 you get to listen to some great bands.

        Fish & Chips to me means that the fish, chips, and cole slaw all have to be spectacular. Harp Inn does not disappoint. Then you get to drink some great beer along with that

        PLease post you opinion if you go. I know its not really South County, but nothing goes on in South County (ha ha)

        1. I find it so strange that when you ask for something in South OC people recommend something in Fullerton or Costa Mesa. Do they not realize that it is 30 minutes WITHOUT traffic?
          I know of two places Turks and Harpoon Henry's both in the Dana Point Harbor. Turks is a cool fisherman themed restaurant/bar with great F&C. Harpoon Henry's is very popular with the baby boomer generation but has a really good happy hour. F&C during happy hour is only $7.95 and is really good!!!