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Sep 6, 2009 10:19 AM

ISO downtown steakhouse w/ bar seating for solo traveller lunch

Having just posted about choosing among Avec, Blackbird and Green Zebra, I'm already questioning my decision and wondering whether I should also indulge in either a great hamburger or a great steak (like great Mexican, these things are totally unavailable in Brussels).

I had thought I might go to Green Zebra Wednesday night and Blackbird for their prix fixe lunch Thursday (Blackbird will be closed Wednesday night), but am now concerned that I might not be able to get away from the office in time to get out to Blackbird before heading to O'Hare -- so am thinking of an alternative lunch option downtown.

I know the relative merits of Chicago steakhouses have inspired intense discussion on the board already -- so I hope this tangential questions won't spark vituperative debate! Do any of the steakhouses downtown with loyal followers (perhaps Primehouse or Rosebud?) that have bar seating where a solo traveller would be able to get either a fantastic burger or a fantastic steak?

And finally, to return to Wednesday night -- if I don't get out to Blackbird for lunch, would you think Avec or Green Zebra would be the better bet? I can't remember where/when I originally heard about GZ, but I haven't read any detailed positive recent reviews on the board -- so am wondering if it's not all it was cracked up to be.

Sorry to waffle on about this -- I hate having such limited chow opportunities and am eager to make the most of 'em!

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  1. I'm not a steak/beef eater, but our lunch at Primehouse was wonderful.

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      Primehouse serves one of the best burgers anywhere. It's bar is very nice and comfortable. And you can get a nice steak too.

      They were having a special for about $10 with sides, but it's over now. Still, they have a mix and match type of deal now. I had lunch at the bar a few weeks ago and it was great.

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        Thanks, guys - I will make a lunch reservation today!

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          If you like Bananas, the elvis dessert is absolutely killer - though the Slice of Prime isn't half bad either.

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            You might like Miller's where there is almost always plenty of bar seating. Even though it's next-door to the Palmer House it's not particularly touristy. It's something of a sports bar and very Chicago--the lunch crowd is mainly made of of people who work in the Loop. The steaks and hamburgers are good, but so are the ribs, fish and chips, and Greek specialities.


    2. Keefer's has a very nice bar and I've seen people eating at it before. The steaks are outstanding and the service excellent.