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Sep 6, 2009 10:04 AM

Best food mill

I could use some advice on which food mill I should buy There are alot out there and hate when I buy on impulse and find there was a better one if had jsut done a little research.

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  1. I find my Rosle to be excellent and am very happy with it's performance, but a second choice would be the Cuisipro.

    1. I've been borrowing a Mouli food mill and it's time to have my own.

      Any other brands to look at?

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        A friend who did a lot of research before buying her food mill swears by the Rosle, linked here. Among other things, she likes that it has a sweeper that gets some of the food off the bottom of the mill as you process food.

        1. re: Fig Newton

          I'll try to stop by the Palo Alto store to check it out this weekend. Thanks!

          1. re: Fig Newton

            I have the Cusipro and it also has the sweeper thing at the bottom. I've only had it for a while but so far it's working great. It has 3 plates with different sized holes so you have a lot of choice as to how fine you want to puree your item.

            1. re: Fig Newton

              I did end up getting the Rosle and it's worked very well for me this past year. At the time, I also looked at the Cuisipro when I dropped into Williams Sonoma, but I preferred the heavier gauge metal and sturdier feel of the Rosle.

              I've also tried using the kitchenaid attachment during last year's tomato sauce making season. It was unbearably slow for processing large quantities. Handcranking was much faster with the food mill and the tomato press.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                The one I am trying to show you is a different kind of Kitchenaid attachment. Just hit the link and scroll down.

                1. re: Leolady

                  Sorry, hard for me to tell from the photos and discussion but that seems to be an attachment that is no longer in production vs. the KA one I used that is currently available.

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                    But they are available on Ebay all the time!

            2. re: Melanie Wong

              I've been looking for the Moulinex which was originally recommended by Cook's Illustrated, and gave up when I couldn't find one.

              How about Oxo's food mill? Does anybody have that?

              1. re: hobbess

                As far as I know, Moulinex is a brand hard to find outside of Europe. There's a similar model made by RSVP that can be found at Friendly Local Kitchen Stores; you know, the places that are cramped with all kinds of stuff. Williams-Sonoma and Sur la Table don't bother carrying it since they can make a great deal more money selling the horribly expensive Rösle ($120? Are you out of your mind?!) food mill. I'm sure it's a really nice food mill, but the umlaut in the brand name seems to carry a $25 surcharge on every item they make.

                1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                  I was given an RSVP mill, and agree that it is quite similar to the Moulinex. Same plastic body, similar disks and crank. It's some what larger than my #1 Moulinex. The obvious difference is that the RSVP has a plastic (nylon?) washer on the pin that fits into the disk. This lifts the 'paddle' of the disk a bit, but makes makes the movement much smoother and quieter. Overall it seems to work as well.

            3. I hate hand food mills, I use this kind on my kitchenaid mixer.


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                I realize this thread is old, but I couldn't find a food mill attachment by clicking your link. If it's on ebay, what is it called?

              2. One food mill I would not recommend is the OXO. It gets great reviews from lots of people, but doesn't work nearly as well as an old aluminum one I used to have. The food keeps creeping up the sides, so that you have to keep pushing it down. Consequently, it takes forever to finish a job. I think I'll try the RSVP

                1. Use an old Foley from the 40's, always available at church sales and have bought one on Ebay. Never use my Kitchenaid on my stand mixer as for the quantities l make, too shallow and some thing really zip over the sides.

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                    Still can buy online. Amazon has one, but this seems to be the best deal. I have had one of these for many years.