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Sep 6, 2009 09:57 AM

leonardo's in rhinebeck - opinions?

was @rhinebeck farmer's market today, and went to the little cobblestone area behind it. saw the japanese restaurant and another place was closed, and saw leonardo's italian marketplace had a sign on their door, to petition the landlord to support the area. apparently, no visibility + promised support which never happened = slow foot traffic.

anyhow...i stopped into leonardo's. and it looked really good, like the kind of italian marketplace you'd want in your town. they also serve food and dinners during the week.

so, my questions for any locals:

-> how is their pizza? they claim "napolitano", and that they use their own marinara sauce with is it good?
-> how are their other foods / meals?

they're at:

i felt pretty bad hearing about the lack of landlord support, but want to hear any thoughts on the food.

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  1. I havent eaten any of their prepared foods, but I do go there all the time for other stuff. To put it simply, its hit or miss. Sometimes they slice the prosciutto just right, sometimes its too thick. I've had their olives that turned out to be dry and starting to shrivel, and other times where they are plump and fantastic. The youngsters that work there seem like they care, but I dont think there is enough training. Also, their "famous" spumoni is absolutely horrible, avoid it. Their sausages are terrific, as is their salume.

    Hope you enjoy.

    1. Hi Bob,

      Not really a fan. Like adegiulio, I think they are spotty- and I like consistancy. Not worth it for me to spend te money on a maybe ;) I also think they are overpriced.

      I much prefer Rossi's Deli in Poughkeepsie or Joe's Italian Marketplace in Fishkill.

      But, that is just my two cents.

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      1. re: MyMelange

        you mean the place with all the moldy prisciuttos in the window? literally 20 + grey and faded whole prisciuttos molding right in the storefront windows. looks like a joke...

      2. I agree about the Spumoni at Leonardo's Italian Deli, not too good. I've had their sub sandwiches, often, which are good, but pricy.

        If you want fabulous pizza, go to Salvatore's Pizzaria in Red Hook and order Grandma's Pizza. It is different from all the others with a different sauce and cheese but will make you salivate, just breathing in the aroma. It is the thick slice, square cut with fresh, peeled tomato chunks on top and garlic (but not bitter or strong, at all). Someone brought several to our book group this summer and since then I've been back about 4 times. I don't know what they do, but this is an AMAZING PIZZA!!!

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        1. re: gspeed

          Wow, gspeed, we don't agree on much. Salvatores serves the absolute worst pizza in the area. All the pizza in Red Hook is lousy. I trek down to Francesca's in Rhinebeck for pie. But, each person has their own taste, as long as you like it, I'm happy...

          1. re: adegiulio

            adegiulio - If you have not tried this particular pizza, Grandma's Pizza, my suggestion is that you try it before commenting. You might be pleasantly surprised.

        2. I saw a sign in the window of a vacant storefront that Leonardo's will be reopening next month. It' will be located on East Market right next door to Bread Alone.

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          1. re: jayjay

            Leonardo's has reincarnated itself to the main street, simplifying, serving salads, soups and sandwiches. He is carrying the Caio Bello gelatos, served by the scoop. 12 ounce or 16 ounce coffee is $1, honor system, serve yourself. Sandwiches, high quality; a few tables for sit down inside.

          2. Many of Leonardo's products are top quality, and dare I say worth the ridiculous price. However, there are multiple that are purchased from the likes of Sam's Club, have labels removed, and are priced as premium.

            On multiple review forums, the owner has quite obviously posted an opinion acting as a customer- and even been caught doing so.

            You are not likely to see many true locals in this store, if for no other reason than principle.

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            1. re: imlocaldonthastleme

              The espresso gelato is OK; I wouldn't bother with anything else.