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Sep 6, 2009 09:48 AM

Sonoma: Rancho Viejo Yucatan dishes?

Getting stuck during the week in traffic might have its advantages. I noticed the new paleta place and the sign at Rancho Viejo. located next to McDonalds, advertising Yucatan cuisine.

I only picked up a take-out menu. There didn't seem to be any appetizers and I wasn't in the mood for a large meal.

On the takeout menu there are not a lot of dishes from the Yucatan
- Concha Pibil $11.50
- Panuchos (served with rice and beans so $11)
- Conchinita Torta $9.50

I think this place has been a Mexican restaurant for a while, but from Yelp reviews I am guessing new owners took over at the beginning of 2009. FWIW, the Yelp reviews are very positive.

It is a pretty brief menu that seems mainly Mexican regulars. One interesting dish seems the cactus and pork chile verde. They also have huaraches and Tilapia Vera Cruz.

Rancho Viejo
18976 Sonoma Hwy
Sonoma, CA

707 939-3663 (FOOD)

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  1. It's been open under new ownership for about 6mths, can't remember exactly. I stopped by there one evening a few months ago and got take-out of 4 dishes. Alas none of them was memorable, so much so I cant even remember what they were , though I do recall that I went for a couple of house specialities.
    People running it were very nice but I don't think I'm goign to eat there again

    1. Address correction:
      18495 Sonoma Highway
      Sonoma, CA

      Open daily.

      Finally found the place & made it there for lunch today. It was a little difficult to find - next door to the McD's at Verano Avenue and parking is on the frontage street behind the little cafe-style restaurant. It was raining buckets, so the porch didn't look inviting. Inside were about a dozen tables, a waitress, two cooks behind the counter and a dishwasher out-of-sight, but not out-of-sound-range.

      I was the day's first customer and received house made chips and green salsa. The salsa was mild, fresh, delicious. Went ahead & ordered the conchita torta which is up to $11 now. For meat and bread, it was a wonderfully complex dish - the crusty bread (maybe sourdough?) was soft inside and soaked up the incredible sauce and offset the chewy pork. I've not had the dish before, so nothing to compare it to - but it's well worth returning for. The acid test will be how it handles as left-overs. The portion was huge and I took half home.

      btw, there is a $1.50 charge for splitting a plate.

      By the time I left at noon, there were a dozen customers sitting down to lunch - other gringos in their 50s & 60s - so the place has been found by the locals who are appreciating the tasty food.

      Unfortunately, I didn't stay long enough to see more than two plates come out - the entrees were large, served with tortillas, rice and beans (pinto or black) and are priced around $12-$12.50

      Check it out.

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      1. re: Columba

        have had this place on my list for a while now based on positive reports from my stepmom and stepsis (who both live in the area). Stepmom loves the chicken chile poblano (chile relleno). Thought about a late lunch there Sunday, but they only serve dinner Sundays.

        So, still haven't made it there, but did want to chime in to mention that stepmom says that since a very positive review in the Press Democrat:

        that it's been packed when she's visited.

        Good to know the tortas are good; what else do folks like there?

        1. re: Columba

          A Google search shows all the listings with the address provided by the OP, i.e. 18976 Sonoma Hwy. McDs address is 18988

          1. re: PolarBear

            Hope someone double checks. I got the address from the menu, but possible made a typo. Don't have time to verify. by calling and my menu collection is already packed and in storage. Thanks PB

            1. re: rworange

              honestly, since you have to park in back off the side streets anyway, I think directions by location are probably just as good as by address. it isn't easy to spot from the Sonoma Highway: as Columba says, look for the McDonalds. If heading away from the Sonoma town square towards Boyes Hot Springs it is just past where the Sonoma highway makes a 90 degree turn; on the left hand side of street.

            2. re: PolarBear

              Oops! Sorry!

              The address in my earlier post was a mistake!
              18988 is Rancho Viejo
              18495 is Michoacan ice cream parlor

              Both are fabulous in their own right.