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Sep 6, 2009 09:17 AM

grocery store sushi

Lots of grocers have eye-catching sushi with tuna, salmon, hamachi, California rolls, etc. Sure, the nori gets a little soft, and the selection is limited, but for 6-9 bucks, it's decent for the price, especially when there is no other sushi option at the moment. Thoughts?

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  1. While it's not the best, it can satisfy the craving, particularly if you're like me and there's no sushi joints anywhere near by.

    What I don't like is the variety of supermarket sushi that stretches it a little, and looks like it's stuffing leftovers into rice and passing it off as sushi. aka the crab salad and shredded carrot variety.

    1. i you need a quick fix and there's no other options ? why not...

      ususally, around here, the fish is really basic, salmon, maybe some white fish, cooked, shrimp.

      always check the date it was made, not the "best before" date.

      1. When we first moved to LA, Trader Joe's sushi was a miracle! We had no plates, pots or pans for almost two weeks while we awaited our moving truck. Cold food and take-out were the only options and that sushi was great.

        1. It can be decent, and I've partaken many times. There are a few grocers here that make their sushi in-house, so it is fresher and less soggy than say TJs where it may have been sitting for a few days instead of hours. I must say that I have been opting for the Kaiten (converyor belt) sushi bars for quick meals lately. It is a little more $ and of course you can't eat it in your car or at your desk, but it is fast. Not the absolute highest quality, but a step above most grocery store. the only thing to avoid is fried things, unless you see them put out fresh. Cold tempura rolls that have been circling the belt are not great.

          1. I have "texture issues" and the chewy nori from grocery store sushi is something I can't get down. Luckily we can walk to our local sushi bar.