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Sep 6, 2009 08:59 AM

Portuguese Fig Liquor!

A family friend had a bottle that some Portuguese ethno botanist gave him and we had a few fingers of it. I thought it was magical. Anybody know where to source this or how to make it myself?

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  1. Is it clear or tawny colored? Is it distilled like a grappa or argudente? I found a reference to San Valerio Fig Liquor that is available in the UK...(tawny)...I will ask a wine seller I know who is Portuguese about this next weekend...sounds very interesting,

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    1. re: penthouse pup

      I think it was clear. This was a few months ago that I had this liquor, but have only recently stumbled across a fig tree with no owner and relatively pickable leaves. I'm in the UK so I will have to hunt down that San Valerio.

    2. What's it called? We track this stuff and have only really seen the fig-based araks that are considered Jewish liquors. (See, for example, Zachlawi).

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      1. re: proof66

        I don't know the name of what I had. I was lead to believe that the stuff I sampled was homemade by some farmer.

      2. Briotette makes a Creme de Figue, might be easier to find.

        1. It's not Portuguese, but try Feigling, a German fig vodka (though some dispute whether it is a vodka or a liquer.) At any rate, it's a clear beverage, delicious on the rocks.

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          1. re: llman

            That will be easy... The husband is German and we are heading there in a few weeks. My husband is teasing me about Feigling, and says it is what teenage girls get drunk on.