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Good eats near Franklin Park Zoo or surrounding area

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Heading to the zoo this afternoon and looking for some casual lunchtime options in the area or en route from the Southend.. Nothing fancy...actually have a hankering for a burger but open to anything of good quality and low cost.

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  1. Isn't Singh's Roti near there, on Columbus Ave?

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    1. re: galleygirl

      Singh's Roti is on Columbia Rd. Right at the intersection of Columbia, Mass Ave and Boston St.

      Definitely worth a stop.

      eta: 2 days to late - oops

    2. Dogwood Cafe, across from the Forest Hill T station.

      1. You might try Poppa B's at 1100 Blue Hill Avenue headed into Mattapan. Soul Food to die for!

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        1. re: ritan1

          Well. Hubby tried to stop by Poppa B's today, but it was closed. There was a for sale sign up. :(

          1. re: makonna

            Gasp and horror! This is sad news, indeed.

        2. While this reply is too late for this trip, for future reference a Saturday visit to the zoo can go quite nicely with a Speed dog.