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Sep 6, 2009 08:26 AM

Good eats near Franklin Park Zoo or surrounding area

Heading to the zoo this afternoon and looking for some casual lunchtime options in the area or en route from the Southend.. Nothing fancy...actually have a hankering for a burger but open to anything of good quality and low cost.

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  1. Isn't Singh's Roti near there, on Columbus Ave?

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    1. re: galleygirl

      Singh's Roti is on Columbia Rd. Right at the intersection of Columbia, Mass Ave and Boston St.

      Definitely worth a stop.

      eta: 2 days to late - oops

    2. Dogwood Cafe, across from the Forest Hill T station.

      1. You might try Poppa B's at 1100 Blue Hill Avenue headed into Mattapan. Soul Food to die for!

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        1. re: ritan1

          Well. Hubby tried to stop by Poppa B's today, but it was closed. There was a for sale sign up. :(

          1. re: makonna

            Gasp and horror! This is sad news, indeed.

        2. While this reply is too late for this trip, for future reference a Saturday visit to the zoo can go quite nicely with a Speed dog.