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Sep 6, 2009 07:12 AM

Boston hound visiting NYC

I am visiting NYC this upcoming weekend with my wife. We are staying around 52nd and Madison and are looking for a nice restaurant to go to on Friday night. We are looking to spend around $75-$100 pp including drinks, would like Italian, Steak or American, nothing too exotic, and would like to be able to walk there from our hotel (52nd & Madison). Any good suggestions?

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  1. In NYC it's hard to get a seat somewhere without a reservation or a wait of about an hour. I also don't know of much around that area. The first place that comes to mind is Inside Park at St. Bart's. It's on 50th and Park and the food is nice, not very exotic or exciting. The terrace is lovely if the weather is nice, I've not been in the main dining room.

    1. The closest steakhouse to where you are staying is Maloney & Porcelli, on 50th, b/t Madison & Park.

      Others within walking distance:

      Bobby Van's, on 54th, b/t Park & Lex -
      Uncle Jack's, on 56th, b/t 5th & 6th -
      BLT Steak, on 57th, b/t Park & Lex -
      Quality Meats, on 58th, b/t 5th & 6th -

      1. Tao is nearby's trendy, it's loud, but it's definitely a unique experience. lot's of pretties...

        1. If a 15-minute walk isn't out of bounds, consider Mia Dona, on 58th near Third:

          1. For Italian, your best bet is Convivio, one of my favorite restaurants. The 4-course prix-fixe is $59, so with a reasonably priced bottle of wine you can keep it within your budget. It is about a 15-minute walk.