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Favorite Pork Chop

Whats everyones favorite pork chop?

My list in no particular order.

Salvatores pork chop parm

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  1. Vinny's vinegar & peppers PC, yum!

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    1. re: treb

      You beat me to it. I assume you mean Lil' Vinny's in Ball Square, Somerville. Theirs is at least 2 meals worth of porky goodness.

      1. re: Parsnipity

        Third for Lil' Vinny's in Ball Square.

      2. re: treb

        Second for Vinny's - though I prefer the version at Vinny's at Night. Prezza also does a delicious and similar preparation.

        1. re: heathermb

          How does Vinny's at Night differ from Lil' Vinny's?

      3. Pescatore sometimes has a special stuffed rib porkchop. It's usually stuffed with cheese and apples, and is one of juiciest pork chops I've had. I always get it when it's available.

        1. For me that would have to be the grilled pork chop at Xinh Xinh...tasty.

          1. Pork chop & clams special @ Neptune Oyster (Saturdays only I think).

            1. house special pork chop on rice from taiwan cafe in chinatown
              salt and pepper pork chop from kantin in allston
              grilled pork chop from xinh xinh in chinatown
              grilled pork chops from jnj turo turo filipino cuisine in quincy
              boneless breaded pork chop from la terraza in east boston
              pan roasted dubreton pork chop from ten tables in jamaica plain
              double cut pork chop with vinegar peppers from vinny's at night in somerville

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                second the taiwan cafe fried pork chop.

              2. The Kurobuta chop at Scampo for high-end and very delicious pork chops.

                1. When I saw the title of this post, I absolutely had to jump in. You must, must, must try the smoked pork chop at Eastern Standard. Seriously the smokiest, juciest pork chop ever. (And the creamy sweetcorn and red potato chunks that come with it pair perfectly with its flavor.) I could eat the ES chop once a week for the rest of my life and never get bored. When they change the menu up again and take it off, I'm going into mourning....

                  1. I'd have to say I really like the Chops at the "Venetian" in Weymouth. They'll serve them with or without vinegar peppers, a side of pasta or veggie and potatoes. Not only is it good, but it's also cheap. You'll take one of the two per order home for lunch the next day. Did I mention there's free parking?

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                      Henrietta's Table in the Charles Hotel.......night I went they roasted the whole rack and carved off the individual chop.....divine.

                      1. re: negrazer

                        I like the PC at Daddyo's, oh wait, Oleana is there now.
                        Still, loved that chop

                    2. Mrs. Jones in Lower Mills (Dorchester). Not just the best pork chop, but one of the best individual dishes I've had anywhere in the Boston area over the past couple of years.

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                        Big fan of the incredible chop at Scampo.

                        Prezza does a nice riff on the vinegar-peppers preparation. (FWIW, the Vinny's version always tastes a tad dry to me.)

                        1. re: Jolyon Helterman

                          I forgot about that chop at Scampo, really tasty.
                          If you like Pork Chops with vinegar peppers try this recipe.

                      2. if you're in a pork mood, try the crackling pork shank Wednesdays at Abe & Louie's (easily enough for 2 people)

                        1. Well, not a restaurant, but the pork rib chops that Karl's Sausage Kitchen smokes (for making kasseler ripchen) are luscious - probably the best pork in the metro Boston area.

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                          1. While admittedly not a pork chop gal, I've had many a dining companion RAVE about the pork chop (actually, I think it's a double pork chop) at Taranta.

                            I can recommend (highly) starting with the mussels first.. Best mussels ever.

                            Skip dessert -- head to Cafe Vittoria instead.

                            1. The chef at Prezza has in the past impressed the heck out of me with his dexterity with pork, I have had multiple different pork dishes there and been very impressed with all of them.

                              Also, Salt and Pepper Pork, Squid and Shrimp at Peach Farm is a great pork chop dish!