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Sep 6, 2009 05:33 AM

Suggestions, please (not too expensive): Portuguese, Greek, Korean, bistro, etc. in Toronto

I’m visiting Toronto in a week, for a week’s stay at the Delta Chelsea, near the University. I’m looking for restaurant suggestions – not too expensive, and not too formal. We have plenty of Italian, Chinese, Indian at home, so are especially interested in Portuguese, Greek, Korean, anything else, bistro etc. We love both meat and seafood (except he won't eat sushi). Thank you.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Near the hotel: Kenzo Ramen (Japanese/Korean) and Salad King (Thai) - cue the usual CH "authentic" crowd.

      You're close to Baldwin Village, two blocks of casual restaurants with patios, a few worth checking out: Yung Sing Pastry, Bodega.

      It's right next to Chinatown and Kensington Market where you'll find Patty King (Jamaican), Jumbo Empanada (Chilean), Amadeus (Portuguese), Torito (tapas), La Palette (French), Urban Herbivore (veggie) and a block north is the new Caplansky's (deli).

      Lots of Greek on the Danforth a short subway ride away. They all taste the same to me. A bit touristy, but, hey you're a tourist!

      Avoid the abundance of cheap sushi you'll find all over downtown around the university.

      1. 1. The gold standard for Portuguese in Toronto is Chiado ( Chiado is admittedly on the price-y side, but they have a sister resto called Senhor Antontio which is tapas style, more casual, and has some great food and a nice winelist.

        2. I agree with Chalkboy insofar as I've never been able to distinguish any of the Greektown restaurants as particularly special. That said, it's a great neighbourhood for wandering about and most of the restaurants are quite decent for a Greek fix. I'd say to follow your intuition and land wherever it feels like fun.

        3. Korean... I dunno much (read: next-to-nothing), but if you have a good nose you can probably find something on the strip along Bloor between Bathurst and Christie. Karaoke bars and walnut cakes too!

        4. Seafood - Starfish.... maybe Rodney's or Oyster Boy (but if you're coming from Boston you're likely to be mostly-disapppointed).

        5. Bistro - My favourite French bistro is Le Select ( It won't change you, but it's a solid meal in a nice setting (I like to sit at the zinc bar). For a more Canadian take on bistro look at Sidecar, Grace, Delux, the Harbord Room or Loire (which I think is a bit fussy, but others love).

        - Baldwin is indeed a pretty strip with lots of good options
        - Second Torito for tapas in a very cool and "Toronto" neighbourhood
        - Second (again) Caplansky's for a special Toronto take on deli (note: the new location is very new and some are reporting bugs at this point)

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          BARRAIDA...Authentic and homestylePortugese family fare (Chicken etc)..lively and good ...they have a great patio in the back if the weather is warm enough in the evening....It's on College Street west of Dovercourt...from your Hotel just walk up to College and take the westbound streetcar............

        2. on Baldwin, my favourite is Matahari for Malaysian - which is thai-ish?

          1. Two Korean places worth checking out on Bloor St:
            - Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu for soon dubu jjigae
            - Jinmirak for Korean BBQ

            Buk Chang Dong
            691 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, CA