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Sep 6, 2009 03:20 AM

Mid-Atlantic States Gardens 2009

People who have vegetable gardens in my Philly 'burb neighborhood and I have had a miserable gardening year this year. Tomato production smaller than usual and plants dying early. Absolutely no pods on my chile (hot pepper) plants after a very successful germination rate in the Spring before the rains came.

What kind of a production have you had?

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  1. I'm in the DC area. Tomato production for me has generally been solid but maybe 2-3 wks later than usual. My Cherokee Purple has not produced as well as last year. Hot peppers, once I put netting to foil the rabbits, have been strong. Eggplants have not done well this year. Raspberries and blackberries did very well; blueberries were good but the birds took more than their usual share.

    1. Thank goodness. I knew it was not just me. Too much rain and not enough quality sunlight.
      Last year tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash were in excess. The tomatoes came in smaller, odd shaped, and late. I have yet to see a full size cucumber or squash.

      1. I had great success germinating chile seeds directly in the garden. Then the rains came. I had 100% germination of the Bhut Jolokia seeds, but plants did not grow tall enough to produce any pods. They have very small buds, but no blossoms. I think that they will be wintering over in our house for next year's transplantation so that I don't need to go thru the process again.

        1. The rain and too early cool temps have killed my tomatoes, up till 2 weeks ago they were stellar. (Bel Air, north of Balto)

          1. My mom in Philly always watches the forecasts here in Cincy as she usually gets the same weather a day later. While it hasn't been cold here, we haven't had many days above 88 F and the rains have been nicely spaced. I haven't watered in over a month and nothing is swimming. This has been, by far, the best growing season I've had in 17 years. All my tomato plants have exploded with growth and even my 9th generation plant (that grows from the seeds of "volunteers") grew early and produced a boat load. The pepper plants were equally productive.