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Sep 6, 2009 02:05 AM


Thinking of spending a week in Tassie, but haven't planned which cities/towns. Any restaurant suggestions? would love creative things done with local food, maybe some great seafood. Will try anything from shack by the road to fine dining. Also need suggestions for a good espresso in the mornings, maybe some good local cheese too. thanks!

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  1. You probably know this already, but the wines of Tasmania are sometimes really out of this world. Particularly things like Pinot Noir. If you like wine, keep an eye out for them.

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      That sounds good - we enjoyed visiting central Otago vineyards and had some great Pinots there, any particular Tasmanian vineyards? do they do tastings? restaurants with good local wine lists?

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        East coast and Launceston are pinot territory - not as austere/ purist as Otago pinot though. Look out for Freycinet, Domaine A and Stefano Lubiana.

        Launceston and Hobart are the food centres, but there has been a reshuffle in chefs very recently around the top Tassie restaurants.

        Suggest you arrive at Hobart and leave Launceston or vice versa and go up/ down the east coast.

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          I think it is rare for an Australian winery not to do tastings, some have grand cellar doors others very humble. I was last in Tassie a few years ago but IIRC all the restaurants will have lots of local wine on their lists. The better the restaurant the better the selection.

          I second Stefan Lubiana for Pinot - their Primavera was our favourite tipple a few years ago

      2. Tasmanian honey is spectacularly wonderful, hard to find (here in the US) and very expensive. I believe that (disappearing) leatherwood trees which are found only (or maybe mainly in Tasmania) account for the extraordinary flavor. If you find some (which certainly seems likely), don't pass it up!

        links which tell all about tasmanian also

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          Leatherwood honey is beautiful, but its so strongly flavoured!

          Cheese: Ashgrove near Launceston. Best Lancashire-style cheese in the southern hemisphere. Also pyengana for cheddar, its just off the main east coast road. Kates Berry Farm for everything berry related.

          Coffee is fine in Hobart and Launceston, it gets a bit ropey once you're on the road - too many lattes made with too much milk and no coffee

          Seafood is probably marginally better at the nicer restaurants in Hobart (MarqueIV on the waterfront has always been the top rec but they've just lost their chef). At the other end of the price scale, Hobart has a series of floating fish and chip boats with daily changing prices based on catch, and Mures seafood has a couple of adjoining restaurants - their Japanese is my favourite.

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            thank you for all your help, much appreciated!

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              I know this post is from AAAAAGES ago, but I had to give a shout-out to Bruny Island Cheese Company. It's truly special. And Bruny itself is gorgeous. Well worth the ferry trip.

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                haven't been to Tassie yet, added Bruny Island Cheese - I love their cheese.

          2. Devasted to hear that Marque IV's chef has gone!

            Apart from that recomendation, I would say try the bakery in Richmond (very quaint old town about 25 mins from Hobart) - best pies and sausage rolls EVER!!!

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              He's gone to Peppermint or whatever its called.

            2. From Tassie I can tell you that Ashgrove cheese is the best, there is also a place called 41 Degrees not far from there ( that does some great cold cured Salmon. The Raspberry Farm ( does some great Raspberry Brandy - honest! The wine is mostly for red lovers as it's the best soil for reds. For fresh produce you can't go past our potatoes. Before I moved to Tassie I thought there were two types of potatoes - washed and unwashed. I now know all the types and the best use for all of them. Summer is Pink Eye season, and you can't beat them as bolied new potatoes served with butter. Of course our seafood is to die for (go to Fish Frenzy on the Hobart waterfront for the best seafood platter and food wise I've been told that Fee and Me in Launceston is good and Picallily in Hobart is good as well. Cygnets Red Velvet Lounge is also an up and coming place to eat, so don't skimp on the out of town sites.

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              1. hi, wanted to give this post a bump, as i have basically the same questions and just arrived in launceston with about a week and a half in tassie total. i hear tasmanian oysters are amazing, any recs for where to get good ones (dining out)? looking forward to chese, wine and fresh seafood here! thanks

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                  you'll find oysters all down the east coast, but St Helens is the hot spot. Also just near Hobart airport if you go that far down is a well known oyster shop