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Sep 6, 2009 01:47 AM

Pollo Asado en mi domicilio

Having just arrived for a year near La Latina, and forced by a school age child to eat at home many nights, I am wondering if anyone knows a good place (or even a place) to get take out roast chicken near Plaza de la Paja. Have found most everything else in Mercado San Miguel or the local market near La Latina. But have not found roast chicken, a staple of my cusine in Manhattan and Paris. Any help appreciated. For those who have not been, Mercado San Miguel is a v ery nice upscale artisanal market, which also houses several places to eat and drink.


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  1. You might try the Mercado de la Cebada, next to the Latina metro stop.

    1. I never get takeout, but most traditional restaurants have roast chicken--like Cantalejo on c/Toledo. Also, try the Asturiano spot, la Burbuja que rie on c/Ángel.

      There's a little takeout chicken place on one of the streets to the left as you are going down c/Toledo--c/del Bastero or López Silva, I think. It's close to General Vara del Rey. There are quite a few hole-in-the-wall Moroccan places in Lavapiés that have roast chicken and pollo con couscous. Also, a bit further away, the FastGood by the Preciados El Corte Inglés has roast chicken... Just not sure about the takeout possibilities. Take out is not very prevalent here at all, but some places can do it.

      There is a good pizza place that does takeout and delivery in the hood--Croccos across from the Mercado de la Cebada.

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        Gracias. Interesting how customs vary (which is what makes life interesting). And I have now learned the word polleria and so am in the process of JFGI.

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          This is the place I was thinking of on c/López Silva. I've never been, but it looks popular:

          A pollería is generally the store or market stall where you buy fresh chicken, eggs, duck, turkey (and rabbit for some reason). Roast chicken places are asadores de pollo.

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              Made it to Asadores de Pollo Navarro yesterday, quite good. Was lucky to go there at 2:45 since they are only open 11-3. And I got the last chicken, several people were turned away birdless. Now I know that asadores de pollo exist, I hope to find several more that fit my work schedule. Thanks to all. And do try this place if you want chicken at home.

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                Thanks for posting the hours... that explains why I only see it open on the weekend (and there is usually a prohibitively long line). I'll have to try to go at lunch some time... If you are over that way, there is a great olive store worth checking out on the north side of Plaza General Vara del Rey. There's also a marisquería that specializes in to-go cooked mariscos on c/Dos Hermanas between c/Toledo and Plaza de Cascorro (also only open in the morning).

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                  Just found another place near La Latina that is quite good and open hours that work for me (and doesn't seem to run out of chicken). Casa Adela, C/ de Embajadores.