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Sep 5, 2009 08:40 PM

Are sheep casings Kosher?

There's been some discussion on the Outer Boroughs board about natural casing hot dogs. A hot dog expert said that he was told (and this is somewhat confirmed by my Google search) that sheep casings are not Kosher because they come from the back of the animal. Yet beef casings (derma/kiske) are as traditional as you can get. Can someone here shine a light on this issue?

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  1. The "back of the animal" not being kosher thing is a myth. There are a certain parts of the animal that are prohibited (e.g. kidney fat, sciatic nerve) but most other parts are okay, "casings" included. Some cuts are limited in the U.S. because of the heavily industrialized processing but in other parts of the world they take more time with the animal and extract more meat from the butchering process.

    1. Sheep casings can be kosher if they are from kosher slaughtered animals. Unfortunately, there are none available in commercial quantities. Casings come from the intestines, and internal organs have nothing to do with the treiboring of the back half of the animal.

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        Thank you kindly. It's amazing how much misinformation there is out there.