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Sep 5, 2009 08:24 PM

Pizza near the Four Seasons on east Delaware

Arriving after 9pm on Friday 10/9 and want to grab pizza with my daughters, 17 and 13. Can you help me find a place near our hotel?

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  1. I am only familiar with Uno or Due on Rush and a few blocks from the Four Seasons. Check with the Desk or Concierge for other options.

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      Keep in mind that it takes 45 minutes, minimum, at either place, unless it's empty. It is near the hotel and perhaps if you call and tell them an hour in advance, you could save the wait. I imagine that at 9 they will be starving.

      I suggest a place not far from your hotel, Quartino, that has delicious flatbread pizza and your kids will love it. Great people watching place and it will make them feel very grown up. My daughter, who is now 19 and a junior in college, adores the place.


    2. Pizano's is a very old school Italian place a block south and a block west of 4 Seasons. they offer both thin and deep dish, but i usually get the thin crust when i go there. It is red checkered tablecloth Italian, but they do open very late and is always a good option.

      1. Giordano's though very touristy is within walking distance. Pizzario via Stato (Rick Tramonto's pizza place unless something has changed) is another option that I prefer to the stuffed Chicago style pizza...unless you are specifically looking for that in which case go to Pizza Uno or Duo....IMHO...