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Sep 5, 2009 06:40 PM

Nice New Wine Store in Hollywood - Domaine LA

This place just opened on melrose near highland next to california chicken. Nicely curated selection of offbeat wines, reminds me a little of Silverlake Wine. Nice owner Jill. Nice classy space, hopefully they will set up tastings.

I am a loyal K & L customer, but will definitely start buying from here, it is in my hood.

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  1. Do they have spirits or just wine?

    1. Thanks,
      Good to know. Any focus in terms regions/types of wines?

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      1. re: Robert Thornton

        Organized by region. Mostly French, but still a pretty global collection overall.

        1. re: Robert Thornton

          Their focus seems to be smaller producers from Europe. Good everyday drinking selection, not a wine store where everything you buy to save.

            Well, Jill has had the license for 2 years, has no tasting license based on the above, and we are just hearing about this place now.
            What is it that I do not understand as to why this place has not surfaced before?
            And to answer the question of sku, wine/beer only, by law, as of now.

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            1. re: carter

              The business began as an online retailer only. The 2007 license you found was probably that original one. Looking forward to seeing their new brick & mortar version.


              1. re: budsoftaste

                Based on the original post I drove by it over the weekend. It is tiny folks, as in maybe 1/2-2/3 the size of the nearly next door California Chicken Cafe. They cannot have much of a selection due to sheer lack of space. And in a marginally destinational area of Melrose such as this one, wish her good luck, but....

                1. re: carter

                  Carter: Subjectively speaking, for a wine store of this type (and maybe even others) it's not "tiny" (though it is no K&L) but rather nearly 1100 square feet of floor display with another several hundred feet of inventory space (full disclosure: I helped design it). There is space for several hundred SKUS, and the racking system has been designed to expand beyond that. Larchmont is smaller, and Silver Lake may also be more diminutive, but both are fine purveyors and their size isn't relevant to the quality of the goods or the diversity of the selections - even the most exhaustive wine shops of massive size may offer little in the way of idiosyncracy or true variety.

                  Our local wine store in Brooklyn, where I live, is no more than 500sf, if that, and it has a very nice and changing selection, even if it isn't exhaustive. It isn't about the space but about the proprietor's catalogue and own skills. I can certainly attest to those, though I am biased.

                  I have attached a photo for reference, for those who haven't been.

            2. I'm a novice wine drinker, but this place was terrific. very nice prices, impressed my moderately more cultured friends with some fine wine and cheese pairings as per Jill's recommendations. I can't wait for the tasting license to come through.

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                1. re: Adsvino

                  just noticed that it was being built out last week, thanks for the review!