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Sep 5, 2009 05:45 PM

Pho-geddaboutit--try the momos--Manchvegas

Getting tired of your regular pho rotation? We love Golden Bowl, but we went to Cafe Momo for a little change of pace last night. The momo dumplings were fantastic--dipping sauce had some great heat. Totally different flavors from Viet--the blend of Indian and Chinese is truly unique. Had the chili lamb at heat level #10--only for those who have tried the chili chicken at Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica. Sorry about the header--could not resist. :)

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  1. Definitely worth the drive from Boston to Manchester that I did on Friday night for my boyfriend's birthday! He said he wanted different and Cafe Momo is a fave of mine.

    We started off with the vegetable momos and some bread, the dipping sauce for both were so tasty! I had the Chile Shrimp as my entree and he had the Rama's Chicken which he loved and kept telling me how good it was. Dessert was the rice pudding which was a great way to cool off from the spices in our entrees. Service was a little slow when we were seated but became very attentive once our 1st course came out.

    P.S. anyone that is leary of spices, they ask you how spicy you want each dish when you order and will make it exactly to your liking.

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      I love this place, a little slice of Kathmandu right on Hanover Street! They have the best yogurt in NH, which is perfect to cool down the spice.

    2. Based on the Chow recommendations, my wife and I went to Cafe Momo last Saturday nite (2/2710). We were underwhelmed. Food was fine but not as special as I had hoped. Soon after we ordered, overheard another diner asking about the freshness of the fish on one of their specials. The bottom line answer was that it came from Costco. My shrimp (Brown Guy Special) tasted like it was sourced from the same place. It was nice to try a new Asian cuisine, one that was similar to others we like. But we didn't think it was special enough to return to. It is great to see restaurants like this open up in Manchester though and I hope more do.

      1. The wife and I usually go to Boston (Cambridge) to get authentic different style cuisines. I had read some pretty good reviews about Cafe Momos over the years but had yet to give it a try. After a late babysitter, we decided to stay local. Boy were we glad we did!

        I started off with a "gigantic mojito" which was really well done. The fresh mint, sugar, and white rum were perfect (it was a little stiff which I LOVE) . We ordered the chicken momos (dumplings) and calamari. The calamari was good but not great (it was spicy) but the dumplings were FANTASTIC (I would put them up against Qing Hua's in Montreal any day of the week. I know that is sacroreligious, but it is true!)!

        My wife got the owners recommendation of "Bean Mushroom Curry" and I got the "Lamb Napali Way". I ordered it at a 9 and she went with a 1 on the spicy scale. You could taste the freshness of the vegetables which were grilled to perfection. I absolutely loved my dish. It was spicy but really added a nice flavor (it wasnt spicy for spicy sake). The lamb medallions were wonderful and the basmati rice and vegetables were great. I did not try my wifes dish but she said the portobello mushrooms and flavor were really nice.

        It is strangely located next to an insurance agent and realtor in a small awkward building next to an abandoned lot. It is small and they have a Nepalanese music track playing (I found myself tapping the beat on the table but that could have been the mojito talking). It is a quiet place but very comfortable (the only bathroom is right in the middle of the dining room, that was a little awkward but easily overlooked).

        It was very reasonable priced ($10 apps and $18 entrees), especially compared to night in Boston! I would go so far to say that it is worth the Bostonians making the trip to Manch-Vegas to try this little place.

        Cafe Momo
        1065 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03104

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          we have to make it back there, been once and loved it. If you are looking for ethnic diverse dining without going to Boston, check out Lowell sometime. We like how Manchester is changing with respect to dining but Lowell is pretty diverse: awesome asain, fantastic portugese, great mexican (although I think Manch has us beat there), awesome brazillian, cambodian, thai, sichuan, etc.

        2. Love your header name...made me lol...thanks