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Sep 5, 2009 05:06 PM

HMart - Coming Soon

I stopped by HMart Burlington today. There were shopping carts outside and one aisle already loaded with sauces and other groceries. Looks like it will be another couple of weeks before they open. See attached photos!

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  1. Thanks for the report and photos! The sign was there the last time I looked (a couple of weeks ago), but the shopping carts and the actual stock on the shelves are new. Hooray for progress!

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    1. AFAIK the date is 9/23/09

      1. I hope the anticipation doesn't outweigh the actual event.

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        1. re: skippy66

          It will, then to be followed by the inevitable disappointed, let down and what's the big fuss posts.

          1. re: skippy66

            Thanks for the photos, the space looks great!

            As for disappointment, I suspect, in particular, that those who are hoping for comprehensive pan-Asian offerings will be disappointed. My experience with H-Mart- which is admittedly just two locations, one being the especially limited Manhattan location- is that it's really a Korean market, exactly as it claims to be. So I don't expect any major disappointment for those of us who crave a decent source of specifically Korean items in the area! But for the posts here that have hoped for vietnamese food stands, sources of thai ingredients, and so on, I expect it might not deliver on these fronts. (Who knows, I could be wrong!)
            For me, the disappointment is likely to be that it's not more accessible for us city dwellers without cars! :(

            1. re: another_adam

              Anyone know what "Tout les Jour" refers to the HMart sign?

              1. re: tweetie

                It is a bakery that is sort of a cross between French and East Asian. Check out their website: It sounds like one of these places you want to go to more than you really should. :-) By the way, the name translates to "Every Day".

                1. re: another_adam

                  I was truly hoping for a Vietnamese food stall. It wasn't clear whether the food stalls would all be Korean or if there would be a variety. One can hope! But I'm still excited for a source of Korean ingredients, and Tous Les Jours looks delicious.

                  1. re: Eatin in Woostah

                    I guess we'll see! Actually, there was even a mini-fad for pho in Korea (and in Koreatown in LA) few years ago, too, but it generally wasn't very authentic. (At least until recently, southeast Asian flavors were unfamiliar and not very popular to Korean taste-- most of my Korean friends still really don't go for things like cilantro, lemongrass, or tamarind; so "Koreanized pho" was usually just guksu with bean sprouts)

                    But I guess the more relevant question for the HMart space is whether they'll aim for a diversity of offerings beyond Korean and Japanese type things!