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Sep 5, 2009 04:53 PM


I am taking a weekend food trip with a few people from Kansas City, and we are looking for the best of what Omaha has to offer. We want to eat where the locals eat.
We will be staying in the Old Market district. So...what are your favorite places? We are also looking for great, unique beer lists. Thanks for the advice!

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  1. Omaha is easy to get around. We visit there several times a year and always go to Jam's. If you were there during the week I would say go to Sage Bistro run by the students at the culinary school at the junior college. Flat Iron Cafe comes highly recommended and we plan to try that next trip. Search Omaha on this board and you will find lots of recommendations.

    1. Some of my Omaha favs:

      Dixie Quicks for lunch. Awesome food, I have something different every time and it is always great. Definately call ahead for reservations.

      M's Pub for late-night dining and drinks. Great atmosphere and very good food. Try the lavosh.

      Mark's Bistro is also very good. I have only eaten there once, and enjoyed it very much. I had a wonderful carrot curry ginger soup. Their big seller is homemade mac n cheese with two different chef's embellishments that change daily.

      Espana for decent tapas and sangria. This place is a bit of a hit-or-miss, but the hits are VERY good.

      Sushi Japan for sushi. Very good selection and delicious.

      Vincenzo's is pretty good Italian, and I am addicted to their soups.

      Wheatfields has the absolute best breakfast in town.

      Shucks has surprisingly great seafood. Seriously the best and freshest seafood I have had (except on the West Coast).

      Guaca Maya has the tastiest and most authentic Mexican food in Omaha. Try the parrilladas or the Huanchinango a la Talla.

      Jaipur has very tasty Indian food and they brew their own beer. Try the Jalepeno Ale.

      The Bohemian Cafe has VERY heavy and delicious Czech food.

      Whew. I know I probably forgot a few, but this should give you a bit to choose from.

      1. Try Dinker's for a great dive bar burger and The Donut Stop for your 2AM donut fix (also open in the mornings if you'd prefer to eat your donuts at a more traditional time)

        1. If you are going for the best, I caution you to stay away from Guaca Maya Dive (wierd vib, odd place - very average food).

          Out of all the places recommended, I'd 2d :

          Upscale: M's Pub, The FlatIron, Jam's

          For a variety of beers: The Upstream in the Old Mkt. or Bohemian Cafe (for Bohemian food: Boiled Beef with Dill Gravy - it's similar to german food - delicious, but not light - hearty would describe it. It's strickly a local place that has been in Omaha forever & very popular with locals - decor very old world Czech - very unique)

          1. Do folks here not like the Boiler Room for upscale? I had a nice meal there earlier this year.

            The Upstream brews their own beer and usually has a cask-conditioned ale on tap:


            Oh, I also love La Buvette.

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            1. re: Aaron Deacon

              hello all - thank you for all the great advice. Our favorite place by far was the Boiler Room. Professional staff, great service, hip style, and good food. Some of the portions were small, but flavors were big. Compared to dinner the following night at Flatiron Cafe, we liked it much better and the value was WAY better. IMHO, this is the best restaurant in Omaha. Please support places like this.

              Also had a shaky lunch at Dario's Brasserie, but a great Belgian beer. Finished the trip with a Sunday morning breakfast at Dixie Quick's. Funky place, food was pretty good.

              Beer Corner was cool - went to Crescent Moon one night, and bought some great beers the next day at BeerTopia to take home.

              All in all a great trip. Thanks again and come visit us in Kansas City!

              1. re: Aaron Deacon

                Thanks for the recommendation for upstream. We were very close to the one in west Omaha so we went there but no cask conditioned ale. I enjoyed the firehouse red and I forgot what my husband had. The food was pretty good too.