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Sep 5, 2009 04:28 PM

"Please enter your date of birth to enter our site"

Has anyone seen this before?

I thought that the Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley would be a safe bet for a group ranging from picky kids to conservative adults, but when I tried to look at the menu online I found a request for date of birth. Seems odd to me, especially since people could lie. Why would a restaurant do this?

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  1. Almost all breweries require web site visitors to state that they are 21. As far as I know, it's just a symbolic gesture to highlight the breweries' commitment to marketing their product only to those of legal drinking age.

    1. I've encountered the same thing when looking at site for whiskey distillers in Ireland and Scotland.

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        It just seems silly because this is a place that offers crayons and kiddie place mats. And anyhow, what can you do on a website if you're underage? *Look* at booze?

      2. Alcohol isn't marketed to minors, so by putting in your birthdate, you're "ensuring" that you're of legal age to view the marketing materials. Silly? Yes. But, just about every official alcohol advertising site I've ever seen works the same way.

        1. If they ask you to enter your DOB, you can easily lie ... but they can still say they did their due diligence to limit access to underage viewers.