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Sep 5, 2009 04:10 PM

Cheap rice cookers in Vancouver

I'm after a small basic rice cooker just for myself. I've heard reports of $10.00. Can this be?

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  1. You can get them for about $15 at Canadian Tire and London Drugs. Spend a bit more and get a decent Asian brand at a place like Forum Appliances in Chinatown (and I think Aberdeen) - Panasonic, Aroma - for between $25-$40.

    1. I used to use a cheap chinese basic one-button rice cooker (like my mom used to), but when I actually spent the dough and got a mid-range model ~$100 National/Panasonic "fuzzy logic" kind of rice cooker with a non-stick bowl, the rice turns out so much better! "Cloth sack"-grade rice turns out nice and premium scented jasmine rice turns out EXTRA nice! There's also a quick cook function that's handy if you're in a hurry, and also settings such as congee, slow cook, etc. The congee one is good if you just want to make a bit of congee and just set it and forget it. You could probably get lower-capacity models for cheaper too. Sorry, it's 10X more than you were planning to spend but when the moment is right for you, you should get one.

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        Into T&T today and yup, it's`all true. Saw some $300.00 plus stainless steel numbers to die for there.

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          Today, I was at Forum Appliances in Lansdowne Mall (not Aberdeen as I posted upthread). I saw a few one-button Japanese Panasonic/Nationals on sale - I think 20% off.

          You can spend a lot of money on the high-end Japanese brands (Zojirushi, etc)...$400 will get you an Induction heater cooker with a special brown rice setting that is all the rage.

          I have a Zojirushi now ($150-ish), but I miss my old one-button National which I inherited from my parents. I gave it away to my nephew-in-law. It is still cooking rice perfectly at the ripe old age of 35 years.

      2. Our rice cooker is a one button Hitachi that is so simple to use and it makes good rice. It is so old, yet it works. If all you want to do is make rice keep it simple. If you want more get the ones with all of the bells and whistles, and when it breaks get another one. The high tech ones will surely break. Sad but true.


        1. Try a Real Canadian Super Store. Their President's Choice brand rice cookers are excellent and at a very nice price point. I bought one hoping that it would disuade me from dropping the serious coin for a Zojirushi and now I can't imagine how a Zoji could be any better.

          1. I got one from London drugs for about 15 bucks. It's a tiny one but suit my need perfectly.