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Sep 5, 2009 03:49 PM

Egyptian Dining in Boston

I have a business associate in town for last week in Sept. from Toronto that I'll be taking out to eat few times during her stay. She's asking for one really nice meal at an authentic Egyptian restaurant for food like her mother made in Cairo (can't find it north of the border). Willing to go outside the city, but haven't found any place at all in my searching. Any suggestions?

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  1. Montreal would be better. It may be Cafe Barada in Cambridge that has foul mademes and molokhia on the menu, both very Egyptian dishes. I haven't been in years. Mass ave, north of Harvrad sq. maybe Porter, too.

    1. Okay, here is a long-shot idea. There is a vendor at the Belmont Farmer's Market who is Egyptian and sells an assortment of items such as ful madammes. I doubt he runs a restaurant, but if there is an Egyptian restaurant in the area he probably would know. You might be able to track him down via the Belmont Farmer's Market website or you could go there on Thursday and talk to the guy.

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        Probably the same guy I've seen a few times in the South End Formaggio...his stuff is ok. I have not heard of an Egyptian restaurant in this area.

      2. I am not aware of an Egyptian community of any size in New England. While I realize most Egyptians are Muslim, my understanding is that most Egyptian emigres to North America have until recent years tended to be Coptic Christian, but i could easily be wrong about that. Eastern Massachusetts has one Coptic church, St Mark's in East Natick; I can't load their website, so I don't know if they have a church festival for their coming new year (food festivals of Greek Orthodox churches in eastern Massachusetts are well regarded on Chowhound as major chow events).

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          I drive by a few times a year and have never seen signs for a festival or in the local papers(as this weekends Greek festival in Marlborough).

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            There was a very large Jewish Egyptian emigration to the US in 1956-60, many located around the Coolidge Corner area- I was 4 yrs old when we came to the US. Most of the food was cooked at home, and the only place I know that comes close to the foul and molochaia that my cousins and mother made is at Martha's in Hampton Falls, NH. Growing up, eating our "own" food meant eating at home. Going out meant Jack and Marions.

          2. I've never run across anything purely Egyptian here. Oleana has a dish or two that could be described as being Egyptian-influenced, I think.


            1. Given the Egyptian-themed decorations, my guess is that Falafel Corner in Harvard Square is run by Egyptians. In no other way, whatsoever, though, does it meet your criteria!

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                Happened to be chatting with the Falafel Corner guys for a while last night, and yes, they are Egyptian. I suggested that if they want to differentiate themselves from other falafel places even more than by the kitschy Egyptian themed decorations downstairs they might want to add some explicitly Egyptian food to their menu. Not sure whether they will take me up on that though! =)