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Sep 5, 2009 03:16 PM

The Sparrow: A post chowdown review

Fourteen of us met for a late brunch today at The Sparrow.
First the big news; Ethan one of the owners and his wife had a beautiful baby grl who was present with her mother!
Second; they just got their liquor licence and the bar side will be opening this Thursday evening!
I really enjoyed meeting all those tha showed up. It is nice to put faces to names. Conversation flowed and was good.
Chocolate banana donuts were what I started with, and this was a mistake. They were delightful! But he mistake was in not waiting as they gave a few plates of them to our party at the end of our meal and they were comped.
I had rhe English Breakfast wch was a brilliant fry up wirh all the extras! Iwill mention that they have wild chanterelles on the menu right bow as they are in season.
Service was much more thsn compentant! It was friendly and helpful.
The biggest delight for me was the price. With my brekkie, donut and 3 pots of tea, I got out for well under $20.00.
We have planned next months chowdown and it will be announced tomorrow.

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  1. Chanterelles were lovely, as usual. I also really loved my scones with jam and clotted cream, they were a real treat. What's not to like about clotted cream?

    It is great they finally have their liquor license!

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      Thanks for the report, bigfellow. Perhaps cocktails next Saturday at brunch :)

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        I was also at the chow late brunch at 2:30 (I'll rename it as lupper - a cross between lunch and early dinner) and as Moh said, it was a pleasure to meet fellow Chowhounders. It was my first visit to Sparrow and it was terrific. I had the devilled kidneys on a bed of arugula on top of great toasted bread and loved it. I also had the chocolate/banana donuts, but unlike Moh, I had them for dessert and they were sensational. Coffee was good and never-ending. I also have to agree about the service and price which was so reasonable for the quality of the food.

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          Just a clarification - the rename of "lupper" is a cross between lunch and an early supper, not dinner.

      2. I had a scone tasting by the new mother and that got me hooked. I had the scones and the eggs benedict "royale" with spinach and house-smoked salmon. The english muffin was made there as well.

        I will be back for more scones and clotted cream.

        ps: if you want to gain 20 pounds, visit these locations and blame m--

        1. I also made the mistake of ordering the choco/banana dough balls before my meal... as well as an order of scones (very tasty and not dry at all)... then the chanterelle & fried eggs (certainly generous on the chanterelles - enough for every bite plus more)... and six cups of coffee. My apologies to those seated across and to my right, as I wanted to try everything... Sampled the French toast with fruit: insanely thick slices of sweet bread with strawberries, wild blueberries, and plums... oh, I can't forget that clotted cream. Also had a few bites of nice thick cut bacon, sausage and boudin (the first time ever that I have enjoyed this item). Davyboy was lucky he was so far down the table, otherwise I would have sampled his kidneys (well, not actually "his" kidneys, rather the ones he ordered). Hey, does it sound like I ate more than the rest of you? Pictured: marblebag's meal, my meal, and appleblossom's meal.

          1. So, if someone wanted to eat on the lighter side (ie: she's doesn't want to eat all her calories for the day at one meal) what would you hounds recommend?

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              1. re: kpzoo

                I very much enjoyed the place, food and company!! The chanterelle's dish was delicious, with a generous serving of fresh Quebec chanterelles sauted in butter, perfectly cooked eggs and crusty sourdough bread piled up high. A treat for about 15$! It was followed with those hot and yummy beignets, which I ate too many of but couldn't resist :) It turned out to be my only meal of the day, so no regrets!

                The black pudding I tasted was nice, as the bubble and squeak, sausage, scones (with walnuts I think), salmon (smoked on site) and scambled eggs I tried in my neighbor's plates. I'd say the scrambled eggs is a good pick for somebody looking for a lighter option.

                The place is very welcoming, as was the staff. They patiently waited for us to leave to close, without pushing us out one bit. And the free beignets were a very nice gesture.
                A very nice discovery for me!

            1. Damn that's my kind of brunch menu, I have to give this place a try!