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Sep 5, 2009 02:55 PM

Salisbury, MD: What's the Best (or your favorite) Grocery Store in the Area?

What are your favorite stores in Salisbury for:



Ethnic/Hard to find

Anything like a Dean and Deluca in the vicinity?

How about as far as OC or Delaware? Annapolis?


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  1. Salisbury is not great for supermarkets. There's nothing like Dean and Deluca around, to my knowledge. The best selection is probably either at Giant (at 751 S. Salisbury Blvd., i.e. Business 13), which is sometimes expensive, or Super Fresh (W. College Ave. near Business 13), which is extremely expensive. The lowest grocery prices are at Wal-Mart Supercenter (two locations; the Fruitland one is less crowded) but their selection is not so great.

    For produce, when in season, I sometimes check the various roadside farmer's markets, like Williams Market (6400 Kenney Ave. just off Nanticoke Rd.), and there are one or two of them west of town on Rt. 50. One is called Oakley's Farm Market, technically in Hebron. I'm not sure if I've actually been to that one. And there's one on the west side of Rt. 13 just north of Connelly Mill Rd. on the north side of town.

    There's a very small Indian market, Shalimar, on the north side of town, at 1724 N. Salisbury Blvd. (Business 13). They have an adjacent restaurant too. It was very very good the last time I tried it. And there's a tiny Asian market, Kim's Oriental, at 1305 S. Division St, #50. I think it's Korean.

    I think there also at least two Caribbean/West Indian markets in town. I've never been to either of those.

    Annapolis has a Trader Joe's. If you've never been to a TJ's, it has very low prices and a limited selection of gourmet and specialized items. Great nuts, fish, juices, gourmet snacks, gourmet cookies, some healthy stuff, etc. etc. Not usually good for produce. (I believe there's a Jennifer Rd. exit from Rt. 50 westbound -- use that.) There's also a Whole Foods (a.k.a. Whole Paycheck) in Annapolis.

    I thought I heard something about a Harris Teeter coming to Delmarva. I believe that's a specialty/gourmet chain, although I haven't been to one in about 10 years. Google reveals that there's one in Selbyville DE now, so that might be worth checking out.

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      Here we are, the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving, in Salisbury, Maryland. I concur with the above article, as it is 4 years later, the information remains the same and true. I could go for Wegman's...but what I really want is an HEB (apparently I am a misplaced Texan at heart). Well, I guess I'll go to Giant (long sigh). Beggars can't be choosers...