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Sep 5, 2009 02:37 PM

Help with a 30th Birthday Location

I am throwing a 30th bday for my wife next Saturday night. (short notice I know!) It will be about 10-15 people. It is going to be a mixed group though so ideally I wanted to try to find a place where we could get appetizers and drinks and not have a sit down type of dinner. Any suggestions?? Already thought of Redline, Daedalius, Maggianos, Silvertone, and a few hours. They were either booked or too much $$$. Looking to spend about 20-30 per person and would like to stay in the Cambridge/Somerville area but would go into Boston if the price were right. Thanks!

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  1. You might try Tasca (tapas place) in Brighton. It's on the B line and offers cheap valet parking. If you call soon and arrange it, you can probably do a set price for your group.

    The tapas are very good (except for the escargot) and the sangria is fabulous. It's a little more creative than Dali/Tapeo but cheaper.

    Plus, tapas can be very social -- a great party event.

    1. You could check to see if Eastern Standard's private room is booked. If not, that might fit the bill. Could get pricey if you order off of the regular menu, but maybe they'd make a short set menu for you?

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        Both good ideas that I am going to look more into! Any other suggestions?

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          Cuchi, cuchi has a really fun vibe and good food and strong bar scene so it doesn't feel like a "sit down meal" necessarily. Think they have a large table you can reserve for groups. Also, check out Tory Row. They have a long table that probably seats 10ish and it is between the bar and the restaurant tables plus food is pretty reasonable.

      2. Noir at the Charles Hotel has some nice apps and drinks. I don't know how it works as far as a group of people there, but you could call and ask.

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          When I was there a few months back, they'd roped off the back area for a "private" party, probably about 10-15 people.

          Would also second the rec for Cuchi Cuchi.